How to Speed up Tattoo Removal - Expert Tips

JANUARY 27, 2023

Speed up your laser tattoo removal process: our 7 expert tips

One of the key factors that determines the speed of your tattoo removal process is how quickly you heal after each treatment. Healing after tattoo removal takes a different amount of time depending on the individual and their body art. How long you take to heal will also be down to a number of factors, including the size and colour of your tattoo, the health of your immune system, your daily habits, and even how much water you drink.

Understanding how important the healing process is, there are a few things you can do for a rapid tattoo removal with optimal results.

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How can I speed up laser tattoo removal?

The truth is, there’s no quick fix. This is important to remember if you’re considering invasive actions such as harmful skin creams or other corrosive treatments.

Whilst we understand that in some circumstances you might wish to remove your body art as soon as possible, the overall priority should be ensuring that your skin is well looked after while undergoing laser tattoo removal, something that we take incredibly seriously here at NAAMA.

7 tips for a quicker tattoo removal process

If you're looking to shorten the time it takes for you to get rid of your unwanted tattoo, here are 7 tips vetted by our expert team at NAAMA that can help you heal faster and achieve an optimal tattoo removal result.

1. Choose laser removal

Laser tattoo removal sessions are the safest, most efficient, and quickest option for complete removal of your unwanted tattoos. At NAAMA, we use our very own, best-in-class LightSense™ technology. Due to the fast speed at which our laser pulsates, there is less downtime needed between each laser tattoo removal session, meaning you can get your ink removed more quickly than other types of treatment.

2. Use aftercare creams

Appropriate aftercare creams will help the skin heal faster, keep it hydrated without the risk of infection, and help improve laser tattoo removal. At NAAMA, we have a dedicated aftercare treatment range to help speed up healing after your laser treatments and provide optimal results. Additionally, using Vaseline on the area will help to keep it moisturised and protected.

3. Resist the urge to pick or scratch the treated area.

The treated area can become itchy after a laser removal session but you must avoid the urge to scratch it as this can cause scarring and can interfere with how well the laser tattoo removal works. If you do feel any irritation, keeping to tip 2 and using aftercare will significantly reduce itchiness and redness between treatments.

4. Avoid sun exposure and humid or hot environments

Exposing the treatment area to sunlight as it will put more pressure on your skin and potentially damage it. Similarly, activities such as swimming, steam rooms, and saunas should also be avoided due to the risk of infection. You should be fine after your skin has had a chance to heal, but it’s essential that you give it some time first.

5. Live a healthy lifestyle: sleep well, drink water, and avoid smoking and alcohol

A huge part of healing after your laser treatment depends on your immune system and how well it is able to break down the tattoo ink. After being shattered by the laser, those ink particles must be processed by your body and ultimately flushed out. In order for your body to do this quickly and effectively, you should look after it. That means maintaining a good diet and exercise regime, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

6. Choose a reputable and experienced tattoo removal clinic

A skilled and experienced practitioner will be able to remove your tattoo more effectively and efficiently using the latest and greatest technology. NAAMA's central London studio offers the state-of-the-art LightSense™ laser technology. It’s designed to be less damaging, less painful and require less downtime between your treatments. NAAMA's team of consultants are expertly trained, offer exemplary aftercare, and are the only ones in the world certified to administer LightSense™ technology. Our consultants will be able to advise you on how many treatments you are likely to need to get your tattoo removed, which will give you a good idea of how long the entire removal will take.

7. Be patient

Your tattoo removal journey can take several weeks or months, depending on the size and colour of your unwanted ink. It's important to be patient and allow the body time to naturally eliminate the broken-down ink particles. While several sessions are required, the results are well worth the wait if you choose to go with a tattoo removal studio like NAAMA that is not only fast and effective, but leaves you with healthy, smooth skin.

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