Laser Tattoo Removal During Pregnancy

APRIL 6, 2022

Can you get laser tattoo removal while pregnant?

Being pregnant is an exciting and overwhelming time, which is why many people see it as the start of a new journey.

This might mean that they feel differently about a piece of body art they got done when they were younger, or in a different time of their life. For this reason, many women are curious about whether or not it is safe to get a tattoo removed while pregnant.

At NAAMA, we like many laser tattoo removal studios do not treat pregnant clients. It is however completely safe to treat anyone that's breastfeeding for removal. We explore why this is the case below.

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Is laser tattoo removal safe when pregnant?

First off, if you are, congratulations! Unfortunately due to safety reasons, the laser tattoo removal process is not recommended for anyone that is pregnant. Although there is no evidence to suggest that laser tattoo removal treatments cause problems during pregnancy, we highly recommend against it. This is mostly down to the fact that hormonal changes may negatively influence the success of laser treatments, meaning that you may end up requiring more treatments. Please reach back out to us post-pregnancy to start your removal and we’ll be happy to help start your journey.

Preserve the energy that your body would spend healing the skin for the development and growth of your baby. We will be waiting to help you on your removal journey when you’re ready.

Can you get laser tattoo removal while breastfeeding?

Can I have a removal if I’m breastfeeding? Yes, breastfeeding clients can definitely be treated for tattoo removal. Please inform our consultants if you are, and we’ll tailor our aftercare protocol to suit you and your needs. You can also get sign off from your GP if you'd like to have that added step of assurance.

Some ingredients contained in skincare products should not be used if you’re breastfeeding. These include things like Retin A, retinol, salicylates and EMLA, which are often found in some brand's laser tattoo removal treatment aftercare products. Luckily at NAAMA, our range of plant-based aftercare is suitable for breastfeeding parents and can be picked up here.

Final thoughts

While we don't recommend getting tattoo removal while pregnant, it is safe to do so afterwards even if you are breastfeeding. We recommend choosing a safe, kind to the skin laser treatment like LightSense™.

This unique laser technology is exclusive to us, and is the result of years of scientific research, making it one of the safest and laser tattoo removal options available. What's more, LightSense™ laser tattoo removal works and has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of removing the ink particles of your unwanted tattoo. Get in touch today to start your journey.

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