We tried the LightSense™ laser: clients give their reviews

June 28, 2023

A client visits NAAMA studios in London
A client visits NAAMA studios in London

We compared the LightSense™ laser to traditional laser tattoo removal

The best qualified to comment on the efficacy and safety of the LightSense™ laser are the clients who have experienced pico tattoo removal treatments themselves. 

The LightSense™ laser is exclusively available at NAAMA studios in London. Speaking to our expert consultants, it has been possible to build up a number of pico laser removal testimonials from clients about how the picosecond laser feels on the skin and how it compares to other technology out there. 

The following blog compares one client’s experience with the LightSense™ laser to their sister’s experience a few years prior with another, traditional laser technology. 

They give candid insights into some of the preconceptions out there about laser tattoo removal, and comment on whether these actually aligned with what they experienced at NAAMA during laser tattoo removal. 

What is pico laser tattoo removal like?

Liv came to NAAMA after they left the army to remove a tattoo depicting a tiger. It no longer worked alongside newer tattoos, they felt, and removing it would mark a new chapter in their life. 

From good fun driving tanks in the engineers to a bold new chapter beginning at NAAMA, removing the tiger would offer an opportunity to get new tattoos more in keeping with their current tattoo design theme. 

But one thing was holding Liv back from setting out on this new road. 

Some years back Liv’s sister got a couple of tattoos removed using traditional laser technology.

“I knew a little bit about removals from my sister who’d had two removals previously,” says Liv. 

“It put me off a little bit because the way she described it did seem really painful, and she made that quite clear when she got it done.”

After speaking to NAAMA’s expert consultants about how the LightSense™ laser is safe on the skin, offering tattoo removal treatments over shorter periods of time, they felt better about the whole thing.

Fortunately for everyone involved, “the process was completely fine, it wasn’t anywhere near what my sister described.”

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Liv browsing NAAMA's range of aftercare creams before a treatment

A client browses NAAMA's aftercare for tattoo removal
A client browses NAAMA's aftercare for tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal technology

Without speculating on the type of treatment that Liv’s sister underwent, it is possible to outline some simple facts about laser tattoo removal and the incredibly quick direction it is travelling in. 

Studies have shown that a laser with a shorter pulse width, how long the flash of light is on for, will cause less damage to the skin. This premise was used to create the technology we use at NAAMA, which has an incredibly short pulse width of just eight picoseconds. 

Things were already moving in the direction of incredibly fast when, in 2012 the FDA approved the first picosecond laser (before that the standard had been nanoseconds), but by 2020 when the LightSense™ laser launched measurements were down to just eight picoseconds. 

This is how laser tattoo removal has changed beyond all recognition into a process that is skin-safe and skin-kind. Today it can take a matter of months, and not years to completely remove a tattoo.