Skin-Safe Tattoo Removal for Wedding Days

JULY 25, 2022

Wedding season is in full swing and many brides and grooms are clearing their ink well before their special date. Read on to learn how.

Tis the season - you know the one. Wedding season. Summer is upon us and so are the nuptials, and many people are reconsidering their ink for their big day.

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Big ink getting in the way of your big day?

If you or someone you know is getting married this summer, chances are you’ve had a think about your outfit for the day, your hair and makeup and perhaps even the tattoos on your skin. Maybe they don’t add to your life anymore, or you wish that back tattoo you got in your early teens or a pesky name of an ex wasn’t so visible in your strapless dress. Is there a solution for getting rid of permanent ink? Thankfully, yes.

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Remove your ink, without damaging your skin

At NAAMA, our skin-safe laser removal technology is ideal for removing for a special day. Our low energy laser is gentle on the skin and leaves little to no long term damage like other, older technologies, and yet it’s incredibly effective at clearing ink pigment. What does that mean for you? Removals in less time - perfect when the clock is ticking to a big day.

Because NAAMA’s laser technology is gentle, precise and uses lower energy, the skin is significantly less likely to blister, scar or damage during treatments. Less time needed to heal equals less downtime between treatments - in other words, your removal can happen in mere months instead of years. Our clients are able to come back in as little as 3-5 weeks between treatments, as opposed to the average 8-13 weeks many other places offer.

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Abby came to NAAMA looking to remove a lotus tattoo from her travels ahead of her wedding day. Though it once meant something to her, today she said it “doesn’t really fit with my lifestyle” and was thrilled to find a place like NAAMA that could help her prepare for the big day.

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I’ve already gotten hitched, what about post-wedding removal?

If you got ink to commemorate the big day and it hasn’t worked out, that might be another reason to consider clearing it. Singer and actress Jana Kramer is one of many celebrities in the middle of tattoo removal for that very reason. She’s having the wedding date with former partner Mike Caussin inked on her wrist removed, along with a few other smaller pieces.