JUNE 29, 2022

Looking for a new podcast to add to your weekly rotation? Here are our top five recommendations.

Whether you’re looking to explore the history of tattoos, hear from artists themselves, or discover something new about the world of body art, listening to a podcast is a great way of doing it. From easy plug-in-and-go listening on your daily commute to pensive dinner-time discussions, we've got you covered. Read on for our top five recommendations.

1. Fireside Tattoo Podcast

From deep dives into tattoo gear and technology, to cosy interviews with artists specialising in colour realism, Fireside Tattoo is your consistent dosage of all things tattoo related. Have a listen here.

2. Tattoo Tales

Stef Bastàinis is a travelling tattoo artist sharing his adventures from around the world and the stories he uncovers along the way. He often has fellow artists on the show to share their wisdom and hopefully inspire the next generation of artists. Listen here.

3. Boobs, Tattoos and a Motorcycle

Koi’s podcast is aptly named Boobs, Tattoos and a Motorcycle because she has all three and spends her time dismantling the idea that the last two solely should be dominated by men. She’s here to share her experiences of building a business, riding her bike and her love for tattoos with fellow listeners. Have a listen here.

4. Books Closed

Andrew Stortz’s podcast is a series of interviews with tattoo artists discussing how things have changed in the industry due to technology and social media. The podcast is an interesting take on how the approach to tattooing has had to evolve to keep up with the internet. Listen here.

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5. No Lies Just BS

Nick Shwartz is a storyteller and tattoo shop owner and his podcast, No Lies Just BS, is anything but. It’s a real tell-all of his life in the industry, the wisdom he’s picked up along the way and favourite stories from his career. Listen here.