AUGUST, 31, 2023

People opt for semi-permanent makeup for all manner of reasons. For some, the convenience is too tempting to resist, while others are drawn in by the promise of a made-up look anytime, any place.

If you’re considering semi-permanent makeup but aren’t quite sold just yet, here are a few reasons to step into PMU territory.

1. It’s low-maintenance and time-saving

Waking with a full face of makeup is no longer reserved for Hollywood films (or for those lazy nights when you’ve skipped your skincare routine). With semi-permanent makeup, you’ll always be fresh-faced and ready to go, saving you heaps of time in the morning and more importantly, giving you extra time to snooze.

Permanent makeup is also incredibly low maintenance. Aside from the occasional top-up appointment (generally once a year, but sometimes less!), once your makeup is on, it’s there to stay - meaning you don’t need to think about it at all.

2. Professional makeup, every day

How many of us wish we could have a professional makeup artist by our side every day? With semi-permanent makeup, that fantasy becomes a reality.

PMU artists are highly trained. They know exactly how to create a bespoke makeup look that best suits your face shape, features, and colouring. Makeup is not a one-size-fits-all, and PMU artists know it.

(That being said, it’s still wise to research your PMU artist before you commit!)

3. Enhances your natural beauty

Permanent makeup is designed to compliment your features and enhance your beauty, rather than cover it. Often, it's applied to give a natural and fresh-faced finish that you can wear day-to-day and build upon when you wish. However, this is down to personal preference and you can request a more dramatic finish if that’s more your style. Make it your own!

4. It's confidence-boosting

Insecurities, be gone! All this work to enhance your natural beauty will have you looking and feeling your best - particularly if you're having the PMU applied on an area you're self-conscious about. Put your concerns at bay and enjoy the ego-boosting effects of your new makeup.

5. It’s always there

We’re stating the obvious here, we know - but when you get semi-permanent makeup, it’s there with you wherever you go! Including the spaces and times you perhaps wouldn’t normally apply makeup for but maybe wish you did - such as first thing in the morning when you wake up, on holiday at the beach, or to go to the gym.

Holly's story

Sometimes PMU doesn't go as planned - but the good news is that it can be removed.

Holly came to us for microblading removal when she wanted to return to her natural brows.

6. Waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof

Speaking of sunning ourselves on beaches or working up a sweat in the gym, another benefit of semi-permanent makeup is that it’s not going anywhere. If (like us) you have a tendency to rub your eyes when you’re tired or often find lipstick on your chin after you’ve eaten, you’ll love the security of semi-permanent makeup.

7. Long-lasting results

Depending on the type of semi-permanent makeup you have, its application, and the frequency of top-ups, you can expect your cosmetic tattoos to last 1-5 years, on average. You get a lot of wear from that initial appointment! Of course, the flip side to this benefit is that it’s a commitment. But don't worry! If you find yourself wanting to return to a bare-faced look or the PMU doesn’t look quite how you anticipated, you can always come to NAAMA for safe and effective permanent makeup removal.