JUNE 13, 2022

Famed Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” And it’s true. People change their mind, even about their tattoos.

Here are 7 reasons why it’s more than okay to change your mind about your tattoos, and why it’s never been a better time to start afresh.

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1. It doesn't look how it used to.

Depending on the inks used, how long ago it was done or how the skin has changed, the ink can fade, blur, spread and even move around. If your tattoo isn't looking how it used to, it’s more than okay to think about clearing it.

2. It was an impulsive decision.

And that’s enough to want it gone. There’s no judgment here.

3. Times have changed.

Maybe you grew up at a time where lower back or sailor tattoos were all the range. For some, certain styles are reminiscent of a time, but aren’t meant to last a lifetime.

4. It reminds you of an ex-anything.

Maybe your tattoo is of an ex lover or friend’s name, a quote that no longer resonates or an inked memory of a time you’d like to forget. If the memories aren’t permanent, then all the more reason to have a reminder of it removed for good.

5. It doesn’t represent you anymore.

Maybe your tattoos are markers and milestones from your life. Perhaps down the line they’ve lost their meaning, or your feelings towards them have changed. It’s more than okay to change your mind about having those reminders on your body.

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5. There's a mistake or error in the design.

Sometimes even with the best of intentions, mistakes happen. Perhaps there's a misspelling or the design didn't come out quite right.

6. You’re ready for something new.

Whether you’ve been thinking about adding to your tattoo collection or looking to free up some space, removing a tattoo is a great way to create a fresh base for your next piece of art.

7. You want your skin back.

Maybe there’s no new tattoos on the horizon, you’re just ready to have your tattoo-free skin back.