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You’ll get the best results from laser tattoo removal if you adequately prepare in the weeks and months before your first treatment.

Fortunately, in terms of what not to do before tattoo removal, the list is fairly straightforward and they are all healthy habits that would benefit anyone, making the most of laser removal or not. Before a laser tattoo removal treatment with NAAMA Studios in London you should take care not to burn or overly tan your skin, not to overindulge in alcohol or an unhealthy diet, and most of all, not become anxious. We know, DO NOT BECOME ANXIOUS can often be anxiety-inducing, so we’re putting this guide together to help you enjoy laser tattoo removal and feel confident that you’re in the capable hands of the experts. In this blog we’ll look at each of these tips in turn and discover how you can best prepare for laser tattoo removal. And remember, as Dr Fiona Worsnop, a Harley Street and NHS Consultant Dermatologist says, “The treatment is an ongoing process and commitment to the best skincare, and therefore, the best outcome.” Energy invested into good skincare and being safe in the sun will pay huge dividends when it comes to seeing great results from tattoo removal.

  • Do not burn or overly tan your skin

  • Do not overindulge in alcohol or an unhealthy diet

  • Do not feel anxious, you’re with the experts

  • Bonus - do not forget to read about the wonders of the LightSense™ laser later in this blog. There you have it, a ten commandments-style guide to tattoo removal.

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Advice from the experts at NAAMA

Do not burn or overly tan your skin before laser tattoo removal


As the Great British summer arrives and the weather, typically, is all over the place, you’re best slathering on SPF daily and taking a hat in your bag - and maybe a raincoat. We cannot prepare you for the mercurial British weather, but we can share our expert advice on staying safe in the sun before laser tattoo removal. In the weeks before your treatment at NAAMA you should be careful not to tan or burn your skin, especially in the treatment area. Wearing sun cream with a high SPF and UVA 4* rating and above will keep you safe in the sun, as will keeping out of direct sunlight and staying covered up. We cannot treat your tattoo if the skin is burned or overly tanned and will have to wait until the area is healed. For more information read our detailed sun exposure guidelines.

Do not overindulge in alcohol or an unhealthy diet A whopping 95 per cent of the fluid in your lymphatic system (the bit responsible for flushing out unwanted tattoo ink after our LightSense™ laser has shattered it apart) is plain and simple water. When you dehydrate your body through overindulgence in alcohol, replacing that water with nothing but creeping existential dread, you greatly reduce your immune system’s ability to flush out the unwanted ink particles. Eating well, staying hydrated, and doing plenty of exercise will keep your immune system in fine condition, ready to perform at its best when needed. So down a few sparkling waters and get some early nights in the run-up to your treatments. Do not feel anxious, you’re with the experts Apologies again for advising you not to be anxious, but the best way to enjoy laser tattoo removal is just that - to enjoy it. Many of our clients think of the process as an investment in themselves, as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Some even fit treatments in around busy exercise routines, nicely ticking this box and the one before. Our experts have successfully completed over 28,700 treatments with the LightSense™ laser, which was specially designed by a group of scientists at Princeton University to work on ultra-low energy and be skin-kind and skin-safe. At NAAMA you’re in expert hands and can enjoy treatments - from the coffee in our Central London studio, the chatter with our friendly consultants, to your own personal photo session with our studio photographer. We’ve designed this to be an experience to relish. So come in and relish. Bonus: do not forget to read about why the LightSense™ laser shines above all else One of the greatest what-not-to-dos before tattoo removal is forgetting to read about the different laser technology available for tattoo removal. The LightSense™ laser has been specially designed to work on ultra-low energy with a pinpoint precise spot size of 0.4mm. That means that treatments are skin-kind and skin-safe, as well as accurate at targeting just the ink pigment, and avoiding damage to the surrounding skin. The laser makes the most of fluence, essentially the same mechanism that dictates how a garden hose works: if you have a smaller area spot size then you need less energy to create a strong and powerful clearing effect. Read more about fluence and the LightSense™ laser here.

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We’ll leave this question for our expert consultant Bex, who treats tattoos throughout the year and knows best. “We are gentle enough to remove at any time of the year,” she says. “You can come on a lunch break, during the summer months, anytime!” There is no best time of year for laser tattoo removal, so long as you are following safe sun guidance and staying fit and healthy. OK, so maybe post-festive period is not the best time if you’ve overindulged. But aside from that, any time of year is best for laser tattoo removal. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert consultants or come in for a coffee at our Central London studio, get in touch and we can figure out when laser tattoo removal fits into your schedule.