The Best Tattoo Artists London Has to Offer

APRIL, 06, 2022

NAAMA partners with world class tattoo artists who share our passion for helping people evolve the journey of their body art.

If you have a tattoo you want to fade for a cover-up, or you want a new, innovative design, we can connect you to these leading London artists.

We partner with artists who specialise in all different types of tattoo art.

Roxy Velvet Roxy Velvet is the mastermind behind the Velvet Underground Tattoo studio, London’s first female-only staffed tattoo studio. Velvet Underground is a safe and comfortable environment offering bespoke designs by a team of artists, each with their own aesthetic. Roxy specialises in both highly detailed black and colourful designs inspired by nature. Browse Roxy’s work at @roxyvelvet.

Alex Alvarado Alex Alvarado is an accomplished tattoo artist and owner of Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoo, a vegan friendly studio specialising in watercolour, realism and blackwork. His art often features life-like portraits ranging from famous faces to skulls and animals but he also enjoys dot work and geometry.