Can Tattoos Be Completely Removed in London? - NAAMA Studios

APRIL 23, 2023

It is possible to completely remove a tattoo at our Central London studio, though a number of factors will impact the success of your laser tattoo removal.

From your first consultation with NAAMA on the phone, to meeting our experts in the studio, we’ll provide our best skin and tattoo assessment and make you aware of these factors.

Can any tattoo be completely removed?

There are two parts to this question, really.

  • The first relates to the type of tattoo you have. In the following blog we’ll look at how ink colour, ink type, and the position of the tattoo on the body all impact how successful laser tattoo removal can be.

  • The second part of the question - can a tattoo be completely removed – depends on the health of your immune system, your skin’s exposure to the sun, and you making the most out of skin-kind aftercare.

The LightSense™ laser system removes black ink and a wide range of colours. It is exclusively available at NAAMA.

Four factors influence whether the LightSense™ laser can remove any tattoo:

  • The colour of the ink

The LightSense™ laser removes black ink and a wide range of colours. Darker colours - black, blue, green, and deep purple - absorb a broader spectrum of light and are therefore easier to remove. Whereas lighter colours, which absorb a narrow range of wavelengths, are more difficult to remove with the laser. Yellow and white inks are particularly recalcitrant.

  • Your skin type

    The Fitzpatrick scale assists NAAMA’s experts in making sure that treatments are skin-safe and skin-kind. Experts treat black ink on all skin tones. They can only safely treat coloured inks on Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin types. This is because there is a risk that if used with Fitzpatrick 4-6 skin types, the laser could damage melanocytes - the skin cells that contain the pigment melanin, and cause scarring.

  • The type of ink used

    The world of tattoo ink is notoriously under-regulated, as we discovered in our interview with John Swierk.

    So it is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to how the ink of your unique tattoo will clear. Our consultants and studio photographer monitor your progress and will share regular updates with you. “We don’t know how the tattoo will react to the treatment, as everyone is different,” says Leslie, who deals with NAAMA’s clients. “But when we start treating the tattoo we get a much better idea of how the ink will fade.”

  • The position of the tattoo

Because laser tattoo removal is all about working with the body’s natural immune system, tattoos positioned near the heart generally clear faster as there is increased blood flow.

If your body is hydrated, well-rested, and physically fit you will greatly improve your chances of achieving impressive results through laser tattoo removal.

For the best chance at removing a tattoo completely with the LightSense™ laser, take the following three steps.

  • Boost your immune system.

If your body is hydrated, well-rested, and physically fit you will greatly improve your chances of achieving impressive results through laser tattoo removal.

95 percent of the fluid in the lymphatic system – the part that clears out toxins – is water.

Grab a glass of water before and after treatments.

  • Stay safe in the sun

Before you come to the studio it is crucial that your skin is safe and has not been exposed to too much sun. Following a sensible skincare routine and wearing plenty of SPF will help you make the most out of laser tattoo removal.

In the week following your treatment please keep the skin covered and protected from the sun.

  • Choose appropriate aftercare

Keep your skin cool, calm, and out of intense sunlight in the days following your treatment.

Avoid hot and sweaty exercise, hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms, and be sure to moisturise the area with a specially designed aftercare cream.

Your reasons for removing a tattoo

Many tattoos will clear entirely, leaving behind healthy and fresh skin. In cases where full clearance is a little more difficult to achieve, some of our clients opt for a cover-up, essentially incorporating their former artwork into a new and exciting design that better represents who they are today. As with any laser tattoo removal the best place to begin is by contacting NAAMA’s experts. They will help map out the journey ahead for you.

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