Blood Pressure Tattoos & EU Ink Ban News

JUNE, 23, 2022

Read our latest roundup of tattoo trends from around the world.

1. Temporary tattoos will soon monitor blood pressure

Ever think tattoos could help keep track of your health? Now that reality might be closer than you think thanks to temporary tattoos made from graphene that are able to monitor a person’s blood pressure for several days at a time.

Unlike traditional blood pressure measuring devices—you know the ones that go around your arm and squeeze?—this temporary tattoo is weightless, portable and barely detectable on the skin. It features a series of strips in a row along the forearm arteries that capture blood pressure levels and relay the info to a data-analysing machine. At the moment that machine needs a wire to connect, but plans are to soon make it wirelessly connect to your smartphone so it can be worn throughout movement and sleep.

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2. The EU finds certain ink pigments hazardous to humans

The European Union recently made a call to ban certain tattoo ink colours that it deems too dangerous to use on humans. The recent decision has left many tattoo artists and ink manufacturers in a tight spot as they try to find safer replacements. Cited by the NY Times as one of the “biggest shakeup of the industry in memory,” the decision bans shades of blue and green that were found to have hazardous ingredients in them.

The news is good for tattoo-enthusiasts as this is one of the first binding standards for tattoo ink in the EU, and often toxic ink can circulate throughout the body into the lymphatic system. However, most manufacturers are struggling to find alternative colours to use in the meantime. It’s a good reminder for tattoo-seekers to check the inks used before a session, and to also note that tattoo clearing with a place like NAAMA might be a good option if ever needed. Read more about it here.

3. Can ex tattoos be relationship deal breakers?

They are for some, as a woman on Reddit recently pointed out. She is engaged to her fiance who recently asked her to remove her tattoos that honour the names of her former husband and child who passed away in a tragic boating accident. He said they were reminders of her previous relationship, she claimed she had moved on. So she took to Reddit to crowdsource the answer, with many citing insecurity as her fiance’s possible motives. What do you think

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4. According to the Independent, over 20% of tattooed people regret their ink

Mary Kelly is one of many tattooed enthusiasts who no longer connects to her ink. With the five she’s removing, she calls the experience a “painful process” that has put her off getting tattoos for the foreseeable future.

With tattoo removal often being looped into a narrative of pain, NAAMA is pioneering a new way to clear tattoos, one that puts skin safety and gentle treatment at the forefront of its result-driven technology. If you’re interested in gentler, safer and faster tattoo removal results within months, not years, speak to one of our experts today, here.

5. Glow-in-the-dark tattoos are here for summer

Yes, you read that right. The latest craze for the summer, and just in time for festival season, is glow-in-the-dark tattoos made from fluorescent pigments that show up under a blacklight. The ink reacts to the UV light and is said to be much safer for the skin than the phosphorescence used years ago. Is it worth the hype?

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6. This video game offers prison inmates a chance to remove their tattoos.

Prison Architect: Gangs is a video game that brings tattoo removal into the virtual world. According to Games Planet, one of the features includes a “Tattoo Removal Room to remove gangs' tattoos” while players move through the game.

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