NOVEMBER 25, 2022

Rapper Kanye West is no stranger to the news these days as he continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons. Whether it’s his partnership deal with Adidas going up in smoke, attacking other creatives on his Instagram account or his antisemitic comments, the artist is becoming more known for his ramblings in the last year than his music.

In light of Kanye's controversial stance, many fans have taken to their social media accounts to share that their Kanye West tattoos they once got in admiration of the star no longer feel right on their bodies. Alex Jones posted in a tweet that “‘I got a Kanye-related tattoo in 2016 and ever since he’s been the most colossal f**k head on the planet’.”

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Another fan, Zee, came forward to NAAMA and shared, “I thought it would be a great idea to get my first tattoo dedicated to my favourite artist, [Kanye]. Yeezus was my most listened to album of all time, and I decided I'd tattoo a portrait of Kanye with some lyrics from the album.” Not long after, Kanye started to make headlines for anything but his music, leaving Zee feeling second-guessing her tattoo. “Kanye began his tirade of derogatory madness, talking about how 'slavery was a choice’,” she said. “Ever since then, Kanye just kept on saying things that I completely disagree with. It makes me uncomfortable to have his face tattooed on me, it's also really big. I've been desperate to get it removed.”

There is no shame in wanting to remove a tattoo inspired by someone you admire that ends up standing for something entirely different.

We decided to offer free Kanye West tattoo removal to anyone in the UK using our unique LightSense™ laser technology that achieves amazing results in record time. It’s an extension of our Second Chances programme: a community-led initiative that helps those in need remove tattoos that are triggering or that no longer represent who they are today. “Our goal is to help people feel good in their bodies,” says NAAMA studio manager Melina. If a tattoo in particular is causing distress, our laser technology is here to help. We’re working with Zee and several others to help them remove their Kanye tattoos.

If you or anyone else you know might be interested in removing a Kanye West tattoo, please apply here. Note, UK residents only.