How Long Does it Take to Remove a Dense Tattoo

August 1, 2023

How fast can you remove a dense ink tattoo in London?

With exceptional laser technology it is possible to entirely clear a dense tattoo in a small number of sessions, though there will be a number of factors that determine how long it takes to remove a dense ink tattoo on average. And we must stress the importance of using the right tech - not all lasers are created equal when it comes to removing dense ink from the dermis. Choosing the right laser for a dense tattoo is crucial. 

As any of our consultants will say, it’s difficult to give a precise timeline as every tattoo is unique, and tattoo inks range wildly in quality. In this blog post we’ll highlight a standout complete dense tattoo clearing that saw great results between April and August.

But if there's zero time to spare, you could go direct to the experts. Share a picture of your dense tattoo now with one of NAAMA’s consultants. 

There are many reasons why a person might opt for a dense ink tattoo in the first place. It may be a penchant for blackout tattoo designs, or an aversion to on-trend fine line work. But when it comes to removing one of these impactful designs where dense ink has pervaded the dermis, it takes a special laser to make light work of what could otherwise be a tough task.  

The LightSense™ laser system, available only at NAAMA studios in London, accurately targets dense ink pigment causing minimal damage to the surrounding skin. Read more about its credentials over here. In this blog we’ll look at close-up images of exactly what happens when the LightSense™ laser gets to work on dense ink, as well as hear a case study from a client who completely removed a dense ink tattoo in 14 sessions. 

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Five Month Progress - Tattoo Removal Before and After

A dermatoscope is a handheld instrument used by our expert consultants to take a zoomed-in view of the changes going on in a client’s skin. 

Comparing the clearance of tattoo ink in this way can be incredibly reassuring and exciting for clients experiencing laser tattoo removal. 

Five months’ worth of dense ink tattoo removal progress. This is what a dense ink tattoo looks like before and after the LightSense™ laser gets to action dislodging the ink pigment from the dermis.

What factors impact how long it takes to remove a tattoo? 

On average tattoo removal can take around 8-12 sessions. But dense tattoo ink can skew this. The position of the tattoo on the body will come into play, as for example tattoos close to the heart where the flow of blood is strong remove faster than tattoos close to the extremities. 

The colour of the ink pigment will also determine how long it takes to remove a tattoo. The easiest colours to remove are black, blue, green, and deep purple. On the other hand, white ink is the most difficult of all to remove. 

The density of the ink determines how long it takes to remove a tattoo, and fine line tattoos should clear much faster than blackout designs. Having said that, everybody is different and after you have chosen the best laser for tattoo removal for your specific skin type, it is the immune system that does the bulk of the removal work. A healthy, fit, rested individual will clear ink from their dermis much quicker than a person with a sluggish immune system.

For anyone wanting to remove a dense ink tattoo there is this advice from Ellie, who takes care of studio operations at NAAMA, “Definitely space the treatments out to allow more healing time.” While it's possible to treat tattoos every 2-3 weeks with the LightSense™ laser, many clients prefer to take their time between treatments and allow the immune system a decent window for clearing.

Keely's tattoo removal story

Keely came to NAAMA to remove a thick, black ink tattoo she got when she was younger, but that she felt she had outgrown. It prevented her from wearing certain clothes and eventually became a source of discomfort at work. 

Her dense black ink tattoo experienced great results, as we can see from the above dermatoscope image comparing a close-up view of her skin in April, and then five months later in August. 

Above all else Keely was pleasantly surprised by the speed of her removal with the new LightSense™ laser. “The process is quick. I didn't believe I'd be able to come back every two weeks.” Keely experienced a complete dense ink tattoo removal in 14 sessions. 

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Keely’s tattoo before her first session.

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The tattoo begins to blur. Thinner areas fade, denser areas remain intact.

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The tattoo loses its form, lighter blacks disappear.

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Keely’s tattoo is seeing incredible results in a short space of time.