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APRIL, 12, 2023

How expensive is laser tattoo removal in London?

This is the price of laser tattoo removal in London: NAAMA's expert tattoo clearing starts at £69 for a consultation and £179 for a single session, depending on the size of your tattoo.

Our straightforward pricing can be found here.

With that said, every client that visits NAAMA's Central London studio is unique, with their own story to tell about a piece of art that has often changed in terms of what it means to them.

It’s a lesson in impermanence and transience for us all.

And because each tattoo is unique, some require more treatment than others. Giving a definitive answer as to the price isn’t so easy.

With the LightSense™ laser we offer laser tattoo removal in months, not years.

The fact that the laser is able to operate on ultra-low energy means that there is less downtime between treatments, meaning that they can happen more often.

Clients successfully clear their unwanted tattoos much faster than has previously been possible. And to be clear, the LightSense™ laser is available only at NAAMA’s Central London studio.

That gives you a sense of the timescale, now for the price.

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How much it costs to remove a tattoo in London 

NAAMA's tattoo clearing starts at £69 for a consultation and £179 for a single session, depending on the size of your tattoo. Your tattoo will take multiple sessions to completely remove and our packages are a great value option to explore.

The price of laser tattoo removal

At NAAMA there is a clear and straightforward pricing structure  that you can read about on our website.

For the best possible assessment though, speak to one of our experts in person by booking an introductory session. They’ll map out your journey with us in the coming months.

Finally, a related question we sometimes see online is, ‘what is the cheapest way to remove tattoos?’ To that we would want to pose our own question in return.

Clients choose our luxury Central London studio location because it is safe, skin kind, and our experts are specially trained to use the bespoke LightSense™ laser.

When it comes to the health, safety, and well-being of your skin – the body’s largest organ - why would you not want the best possible treatment you can find?

To reiterate, for the best possible estimate as to how much it will cost to remove your tattoo, speak to one of our experts today.