How can a healthy lifestyle speed up your tattoo removal?

APRIL 27, 2022

Laser tattoo removal is accurate enough to pinpoint a specific area for removal, which is great news if you’re looking to get a partial tattoo removal or want to fade a certain area of an existing piece in order to redesign it.

This is made possible by the laser spot size used. Ranging between different sizes, usually from 5-10mm, the laser can target a certain area of ink and remove just that small section.

Quick, gentle and completely skin-safe, NAAMA’s own unique laser technology has a smaller laser spot size and uses ultra-fast light speeds to avoid injury to your skin and target the areas of ink for a precise removal.

Another reason you might need accurate laser tattoo removal is when you have had a cosmetic tattoo, such as eyebrows, and want to target just those for a safe removal.

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Precise tattoo removal: NAAMA success stories

We’ve worked with countless clients to help them remove a specific section of their body art. A recent example that we are proud to share is the removal journey of Bethany England, who is a professional football player and a law student.

Bethany was thrilled with her removal results and began to really see a difference after just four sessions. Now, she’s left with the chosen part of her tattoo and has plans to rework it in the future. You can see her before and after photos here.

More frequent treatments means quicker tattoo removal results and you can expect full removal in months not years.

How to get the best results from your laser tattoo removal

In order to accurately remove your tattoo at the quickest possible rate and get the best results, you should focus on maintaining a strong aftercare regime to help your skin heal.

We apply medical grade dressings after all sessions which help keep your skin cool, calm and hydrated. After 72 hours, these dressings can come off, but you should still keep the area out of direct sunlight and avoid things like saunas, steam rooms and hot baths.

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Your immune system also plays a vital role in accurate tattoo removal, as it’s responsible for flushing the ink particles out of your body. In order to keep it functioning well, you should eat well, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep and exercise when you can.