AUGUST, 24, 2023

Permanent makeup definitely comes with its perks. For many of us trying to manage a career, parenting, and a social life - all while maintaining a semblance of order and calm - every minute in the morning counts. But is permanent makeup really permanent? And can it be removed if we change our minds?

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What is permanent makeup?

The idea of swapping our morning ritual of pencilling in our eyebrows (some say they should be sisters, not twins, but ours couldn't even be called that most days) in favour of a permanent professional application is undeniably tempting.

So it’s unsurprising that ever since razor-thin eyebrows were ‘out’ and “the bushier the better” brows came ‘in’, people have been looking for a quick and long-lasting fix. You’ve likely heard of microblading, which brought cosmetic tattoos into the mainstream, but there’s more to permanent makeup than meets the eye(brow).

Alongside microblading, you can also take your pick from ombre, microshading, and eyebrow tattoos, where the ink is inserted deeper into the skin for a denser and longer-lasting result.

Eyeliner tattoos mean we never need to battle (and fail) with winged eyeliner again, and our lips can be given a wash of sheer colour with lip blushing. Meanwhile, scalp micropigmentation creates the opportunity of fuller-looking hair, and if you’re envious of your freckle-faced friends, fear not: there’s permanent makeup for that, too.

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Magda was unhappy with her lip-blushing, so she came to us for help.

Does PMU fade over time?

But how permanent is ‘permanent’? Cosmetic tattoos differ from ordinary tattoos as the ink is generally not inserted as deeply into the skin, so ‘semi-permanent’ would be a more accurate description.

You’re still looking at 1-5 years of wear on average, though - and it’s the permanence of it that brings people to NAAMA for permanent makeup removal.

If you love your cosmetic tattoos, you’ll need to go back to your PMU artist for top-ups to maintain the look. This is usually annually, but is really up to you and dependent on how quickly the makeup fades, and some types of PMU, such as microblading, require a top-up shortly after the first application.

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Can I remove permanent makeup?

The good news is that yes, you can remove permanent makeup should you wish. The LightSense™ laser system, exclusively available at NAAMA, is perfect for it.

Our ultra-small spot size lets us target the ink with superior precision to get as close to the detail as possible. Meanwhile, the low-energy laser is not only significantly less painful than standard removal technology, it’s kinder to the skin too. This significantly reduces the risk of long-term skin damage, such as scarring - which is always important, but particularly when treating the face.

We’ve removed permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos for many of our clients, from microblading and eyebrow tattoos to scalp micropigmentation, and seen excellent results. We currently do not remove permanent eyeliner as it’s unsafe to do so. However, if you have another form of permanent makeup you would like to remove, please don’t hesitate to reach out.