Celebrity Tattoo Removal Before & After

JUNE 9, 2022

Read why the Pete Davidson tattoo removal phenomenon is part of a long line of celebrities clearing their tattoos to get over a breakup.

It’s a tale as old as time. People fall in love. People get their lover’s names etched on them for eternity. Maybe even an illustration or two of a shared pet or inside joke. The rush of love, excitement and new feelings can spark even the most thoughtful people to do crazy things. But what happens when you split?

From romantic breakups to friendship breakups and even breakups with a former self, we’re looking at celebrities getting laser tattoo removal or cover-ups after a big break:

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Pete Davidson

A man with over 100+ tattoos with many attributed to the women he’s dated- ahem a bunny, cloud and lines from Breakfast at Tiffany’s for Ariana Grande to name a few- Pete shares he’s ready to have his skin back. Now in an older phase of his life, Pete shares he’s focusing more on acting and wanted to remove the obstacle of covering up his tattoos. Watch him share his removal story with Seth Myers here.

Megan Fox

No stranger to tattoos, Megan has many from different time periods in her life. While once an admirer of Marilyn Monroe, Megan famously removed her iconic Marilyn Monroe portrait on the inside of her arm when she felt the tattoo no longer resonated. Megan felt the tattoo had “negative energy” and no longer worked for her.

Britney Spears

Rumour has it that after Madonna and Britney shared their kiss on the MTV stage way back when, the pair got matching Kabbalah tattoos. When the friendship started to go different ways, Britney opted to have it removed from the back of her neck.

Eva Longoria

When Eva was married to NBA star Tony Parker, she got his number nine jersey number and their wedding date tattooed on her wrist. Following a painful split, she had them removed and shared the journey on her Snapchat.

Johnny Depp

No stranger to getting tattoos for Love, Johnny famously covered his Winona Forever shoulder tattoo (for girlfriend Winona Ryder) to say Wino Forever. Fast-forward to today, in his legal battle with former wife Amber Heard Johnny shared he got a tattoo in honour of Amber too. Perhaps tattoo removal is in his future?

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