Is there a Discord Server for Tattoo Removal?

AUGUST 7, 2023

Yes, there is now a Discord server specifically for laser tattoo removal discussion, created by NAAMA studios in London to foster a community of tattoo lovers.

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What is a tattoo removal Discord server, anyway?

A Discord server is a virtual space on the Discord platform where users gather and communicate with each other through text, voice, and video chat. It's a bit like a community hub where people with shared interests can come together to discuss various topics, play games, collaborate, or simply hang out.

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With origins in the world of gaming, Discord has gone on to become popular in a wide variety of subcultures and communities. And as there is currently not a server dedicated to laser tattoo removal in London, we decided NAAMA studios should be the first to found an online space where clients can share their progress with each other, as well as experiences with the LightSense™ laser system.

Discord servers are usually created and managed by users, known as server owners or administrators. They have control over the server's settings, channels, and roles, allowing them to customise the server's experience to suit the needs of their community.

Within a Discord server, there are channels that serve as dedicated spaces for specific discussions or activities. For example, on NAAMA’s server there are spaces for questions and comments about the LightSense™ laser system as well as for tattoo removal before and after pics. 

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