AUGUST, 31, 2023

It is entirely possible to remove permanent makeup with the same advanced technology that NAAMA studios use for laser tattoo removal.

You can remove PMU safely and efficiently with the LightSense™ laser because of its specially developed picosecond credentials. More on those later.

Can a pico laser remove eyebrow tattoos?

A pico laser will effectively remove eyebrow tattoos, as well as lip blushing and other types of PMU through an elegant process that works according to the same principles as laser tattoo removal.  

PMU treatments in five straightforward steps

We’ll dive into all things PMU and pico laser in this blog post, answering your questions about the fast and safe removal of permanent makeup. 

And because we know readers want answers in the blink of an un-microbladed eye, we’ll offer detailed information in five simple steps. 

  1. What is PMU and can it be removed? 

When we refer to PMU we are using it as an umbrella term to include microblading for eyebrows and the scalp, as well as lip blushing - all treatments sought out initially in the pursuit of saving a bit of time. 

If however the PMU results you got weren’t what you’d hoped for, or you would simply like to return to a more natural look, then laser tattoo removal that is gentle enough for facial treatments could be for you. 

With the extremely low-energy LightSense™ laser it is possible to remove permanent makeup from your face.    

PMU explained

With eyebrow tattoos traditional tattooing methods have been used to deposit ink pigment into the dermis, the skin’s middle layer, so that it remains there for as long as possible. 

With microblading, long strokes have been tattooed to give the impression of individual eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow microshading is where shading has been created by hand to even out the tone of eyebrows. 

Lip blushing uses tattoo ink to create a tinted effect. Lip tattoos can also be used to replicate the look of lipstick. Lip liner defines and enhances the natural shape of the lips. 

Hairline microblading is where dots of ink have been applied to create a natural hairline. 

Freckle tattoos are also popular with some, and mimic the appearance of natural freckles. 

All of the above may be treated with the LightSense™ laser.  

2. How does permanent makeup removal work?

Put simply, the same way that laser tattoo removal works. Just on a more sensitive part of the body: the face. 

This is why it is crucial that we use a low-energy and safe laser for the process. 

The first step of the process is to use the low energy LightSense™ laser to break down the ink pigment into tiny particles. They are then more manageable for your immune system, which is now able to flush them out as part of your natural immune response to the foreign ink pigment. 

We then repeat this process over a course of treatments until the skin looks natural and clear. Hey presto, PMU gone. 

3. How long does it take to remove permanent makeup?

There are many factors that influence how long it will take to remove PMU. Our expert consultants usually say that 3-5 sessions should leave you with the clear results you desire, but there is some variety in how many sessions it will take.  The ink used and its density, the state of your immune system, and the type of PMU we are treating all impact the timeline for a complete removal. 

As a general rule PMU removal is faster than tattoo removal because the ink pigment is closer to the surface of the skin and so easier to treat. 

For a more accurate answer to this case-by-case question, speak to one of our expert consultants about your specific wishes and requirements. 

4. Does permanent makeup removal hurt?

Pain is an incredibly subjective phenomenon, and our perception of it can be altered depending on how much rest we’ve had, and how we are feeling on any given day. 

The LightSense™ laser works on ultra low energy, which means that less heat and light energy is applied to your face. This makes for a gentler, more skin kind treatment.

Some clients experience discomfort, others don’t. Rest assured our expert consultants do everything they can to make the experience as comfortable as possible.  

5. What laser does NAAMA use?

As if you haven’t already heard the name of our laser enough… 

The LightSense™ laser works with a pulse width measured in picoseconds to remove PMU, including microblading and eyebrow tattoos.  

It is exclusively available to us at NAAMA studios in London and we choose to treat permanent makeup with it because of its impressive credentials.

Why not get in touch to discuss what you can achieve with PMU removal?