The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Available Now

APRIL 29, 2022

Searching for the best laser tattoo removal treatment can be overwhelming. You want to know you’re investing in the best for your skin - but how do you find the best way to remove a tattoo, and how do different lasers work?

When it comes to finding the best laser for tattoo removal, there are some important questions to consider, such as:

  • What are the results you want to achieve?

  • What are the side effects of treatment?

  • Is your treatment being carried out by a qualified consultant?

  • Is your laser treatment skin-safe?

At NAAMA, we understand that our treatment has to be as unique as you and your story. That’s why we use the most advanced laser technology for tattoo removal, that’s safe to skin, relatively pain-free and gives the best results possible.

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Finding the best laser for tattoo removal

Not all lasers for tattoo removal are created equal, which can make it even more challenging to find the best way to remove a tattoo. With older technologies, the laser emits high levels of energy into your skin, which gets absorbed by the ink. In many cases, the ink heats up and expands, which can cause a burning sensation, pain and blistering. These lasers can leave scarring and discolouration, which is the opposite of what you want when you’re looking for a clean slate for your skin. NAAMA’s unique laser technology uses ultra-fast pulse speed and low levels of energy to gently and precisely break down ink pigments with reduced pain and no damage to skin.

Our low-energy laser significantly reduces any chance of blistering, scarring or lasting damage, which means less downtime between treatments and fast tattoo removal results.

See the difference

With the LightSense™ laser system at NAAMA, your tattoo removal is precise, skin-safe and so gentle that you can have rapid removal with less downtime between sessions. Remember, the best laser tattoo removal treatment continues even after your ink has disappeared. That’s why we have a team of consultants who can advise you on the best aftercare and offer personalised treatment plans using what we believe is the best laser treatment in the world.

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