The most popular tattoo styles

April, 24, 2022

We work with ink every day so, as you’d expect, the NAAMA team are huge fans of finding upcoming tattoo trends and seeking the most popular tattoo styles.

We love helping clients evolve their body artwork, and transform out-of-date ink into new styles and meaningful stories. Who knows, the removal of one tattoo can open the door to a whole new chapter for your skin.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular tattoo art styles we see in the studio.

The traditional style of tattoo is also known as the old school style, and is instantly recognisable with its striking colours, confident lines and well-known designs - such as the classic rose, American eagle and designs inspired by Sailor Jerry. When it comes to a popular, timeless tattoo, this one will always make the list.

The saturated colours in the traditional style tattoo can add complexity if you choose to remove it in the future, however the unique laser technology system we use at NAAMA works exceptionally well on removing colour, compared with other laser techniques.

Our low-energy laser significantly reduces any chance of blistering, scarring or lasting damage, which means less downtime between treatments and fast tattoo removal results.

Tattoos that follow a Japanese style are steeped in tradition, mythology and Japanese culture. The style dates back to the 1600s and follows the folklore of the time, which is reflected in the designs which often feature dragons, tigers, koi carp and geishas.

With this style of tattoo, you can expect detailed, expressive lines with deep significance. Japanese style tattoos cover a wide range of designs, from large black and grey ink designs small to bold designs with deep colours and full sleeves that tell a story. Successful removal of a Japanese tattoo would depend on the colours chosen and the density of the pattern.

3. Blackwork tattoo style

The blackwork tattoo style refers to a wide spectrum of body art that uses black ink to create solid shapes and patterns. This incredible technique covers everything from small, individual designs to patterns that cover the body and create a second skin. Blackwork is an exciting area of tattoo design that offers a world of possibility. Whilst black ink is easier to remove with laser than colour, some blackwork tattoos use dense patterns, which means that potentially more removal sessions would be needed. It’s great to read up on different tattoo styles, however, it’s important to remember that your body art is completely and uniquely yours. Regardless of what’s popular, choose a style that feels right for you and fits comfortably on your skin’s canvas.