MARCH, 8, 2023

London isn’t shy of tattoo studios and permanent makeup clinics, and there are incredible female tattoo artists to be found within them. Think distinctive styles, creative ambition, and unique processes that will have you booking your next appointment in no time.

From drawing designs beside their clients to being experts in the latest TikTok tattoo trends, these women tattoo artists are leading the way for the female tattoo space in London. This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating some of our favourites.

Name: MeganDotArt

Specialist subject: Fine line, linework, and illustrative tattoos

Where to find her: London (mainly), with guest spots across Europe

Instagram: @megandotart

Why we love her

Seeking inspiration from nature, Megan immerses herself in the creative process and is often found transforming scribbles and sketches into beautifully unique designs.

She says: “I love surrounding myself with art and trying to find artistic nature in every aspect of life…I also love reminding myself of how much hidden beauty there is to find in the places we least expect it.”

Why she became a tattoo artist

Megan's introduction to the industry was as a tattoo studio manager before she first decided to pick up a tattoo machine. She recalls “I felt the love for tattooing with the first line” - and the rest, they say, is history.

"Tattooing is my happy place; I’m a very anxious person and I find the process of tattooing very relaxing and satisfying."


Fine-line tattoos

MeganDotArt specialises in fine-line tattooing; a tattoo style that’s making its mark on bodies across the world and showing no signs of stopping yet.

She says: “Tattoo trends may keep changing and become more or less popular, but regardless of what is currently on trend, everyone has a unique taste and preference.”

MeganDotArt on tattoo removal

After a spontaneous decision led to a tattoo she was unhappy with, Megan opted for laser tattoo removal to fade the tattoo before getting a cover up.

Now, she has a tattoo she absolutely loves.

Name: Christine Taylor

Specialist subject: Minimal, fine-line tattoos and script

Where to find her: All-female studio Gold Venom Tattoo in Aldershot, just outside London

Instagram: @christinetaylortattoo

What sets her apart

Christine hails from Gold Venom Tattoo in Aldershot, an all-female studio championing women in the tattoo space.

She specialises in fine-line work and script, but we recommend checking out her Pinterest-worthy decorative ear pieces, too.

2023 tattoo trends to watch

According to Christine, 2022 saw the rise of TikTok-inspired tattoos. Commonly requested tats included butterfly designs, angel numbers, and hearts and flowers drawn by family members. It’s safe to say sentimentality is trending!

For tattoo trends in 2023, Christine predicts a continuation in requests for angel numbers, with spiritual tattoos and witchy aesthetics coming in hot.

Changing body art with tattoo removal

Christine is no stranger to laser tattoo removal, having already removed one with a further three in the works.

Discussing the benefits of tattoo removal, she says: “Now, you can get a tattoo removed, covered up, change it and evolve it. It’s amazing that nothing has to be so permanent anymore.”

"It's amazing that nothing has to be permanent anymore."

Name: Terrie Karam

Specialist subject: Minimalist fine-line tattoos, dotwork, and handwriting

Where to find her: Urban Retreat in London

Instagram: @terrie_titouutattoo

Why she made the list

Paris-born Terrie discovered her calling as a tattoo artist after getting her first tattoo in her 20’s. She devoted years to learning the craft and developing her skill, first in Paris and then in London.

Now, she specialises in using vegan ink to create minimalist fine-line tattoos, dotwork, and handwriting.

Why she loves being a tattoo artist

Terrie sees tattooing as a collaborative process and works closely with her clients to bring their visions to life. Expect to sit beside Terrie while she draws your tattoo and listens to your life experiences for inspiration.

She explains that getting a tattoo is often a healing process for her clients and that “a session with me is like tattoo therapy, with a touch of fun.”

"It's beautiful. The experience is very unique."


Terrie and tattoo removal

We’re delighted Terrie has chosen NAAMA to remove a selection of tattoos she gave herself as a distraction during lockdown.

On her choice to remove her tattoos, Terrie says: “I was ready to keep them, until I saw NAAMA's results. Now, I can’t wait to start my removal journey.”

Name: Lu Williams

Specialist subject: Graphics-based style and patterns, with a little traditional influence

Where to find her: Old Habits in London

Instagram: @lu_illustrates Why she's one to watch

Lu is an apprentice at Old Habits tattoo studio in London. After getting her first tattoo at Old Habits years ago, she got the bug and has been a regular ever since.

Lu says her graphics-based style is enhanced by a desire to be organic and explore different, more playful directions. She says "when you are confident in your own style and who you are, people will naturally take notice.”

Making space for new tattoos

Lu’s got an impressive 70 tattoos - and that's not including “some little filler tattoo bits that don’t really count.”

Our experts at NAAMA are working with Lu to remove some of her older tattoos to make room for new projects. As she says, “I don’t want to run out of space too young.” Bring it on, Lu!

Name: Corinna Calori

Specialist subject: Beautifully done permanent makeup, including microblading and lip blushing

Where to find her: The Brow Lounge in Stevenage

Instagram: @corinnacalori What to know about permanent makeup

“I wish more people knew and understood the importance of being happy with their shape, design and colour before agreeing to it being tattooed.”

Corinna encourages people to be diligent about their research beforehand and be completely confident in their chosen PMU artist. She explains that styles vary artist to artist, so choose yours based upon their own work, rather than hoping they'll be able to replicate another artist.

Corinna’s tip: Check the artist’s healed results! These often look very different to photos taken straight after an appointment.

Why her clients love her

“Every client leaves my salon with the highest attention to detail. I leave no room for error.”

Corinna’s a self-confessed perfectionist with years of experience under her belt. She’s an expert in her area and knows there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to permanent makeup.

It’s this attention to detail that keeps her clients coming back. Reflecting upon some of her career highlights, Corinna recalls returning to work after maternity leave. 20 minutes after reopening her books, she was fully booked with both pre-existing and new clients.

PMU predictions for 2023

Corinna reports a recent shift towards more natural-looking permanent makeup. Eyebrow treatments continue to be the most requested, with fluffy hair-stroke brows topping people’s PMU wishlists alongside natural lip tones.

She says: “Clients usually request a combination of some hair strokes and shading, creating a gorgeous combination eyebrow.”

In terms of technology, one of Corinna’s main predictions is that more pigments will be developed that are designed to either fade more true to colour or are easier to remove by saline or laser. Great news for us!

“More people should get old permanent makeup removed, instead of trying to cover it up…Clients can go back to a blank canvas, so they can get brand new permanent makeup which is in-keeping with the latest trends!”

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