Top reasons why people remove a new tattoo

MARCH 10, 2023

There are many reasons why people remove a new tattoo, but sometimes it is as simple as a change of heart.

“A lot of people call us the same day they get the tattoo,” says Leslie, who deals with NAAMA’s new clients. Her job is to reassure them. “You don’t have to live with this if you don’t like it. In six weeks, your skin will be ready to begin the removal process.” In this blog we’ll be listening to Maeve, who came to NAAMA with a new tattoo and a story to tell about pandemic caprice, as well as looking at the top reasons why people remove a new tattoo:

  • Laser tattoo removal works effectively on new tattoos

  • New LightSense™ laser technology has made it safer to remove new tattoos

  • People don’t always get the tattoo they’d hoped for in the first place

Maeve came to NAAMA to remove a fresh tattoo

Removing a fresh tattoo after just four months

“I started the removal process four or five months after I got it done,” Maeve says. “I think that because my tattoo was quite new it has taken a bit longer than an older tattoo, but it’s been amazing to be honest.” Clients often ask our expert consultants how soon they can remove a fresh tattoo, to which they respond that it is usually best to wait six to eight weeks for it to fully heal. From our clients’ testimonials we’ve learnt that while our relationship with our tattoos is bound to alter over time, when people want a clean slate, the feeling can be unequivocal. “You might not always be in love with your tattoos and your relationship with them might change over time,” says Maeve, being sure to add the caveat that, “I wouldn’t recommend getting a tattoo in 2020; it was not a good year for making lifelong decisions.” All jokes aside, Maeve’s treatment has worked quickly and effectively. “It’s fading each time, which is really satisfying. I think it makes a difference if you’re coming here [NAAMA Studios] because you can come more frequently and see everything happening more quickly.”

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When to act: the stats

Clients wondering if they can remove a new tattoo often ask if now is the best time to act. And after looking at the data, we can confirm that no one should wait a second longer to book an appointment and make the most of laser tattoo removal. Over the course of eight treatments on black ink tattoos, whether they are just one year old or ten, we’ve found little difference in how well the LightSense™ laser performs. Laser tattoo removal works equally well on fresh tattoos as on old.

LightSense™ removes new tattoos. Safely.

The LightSense™ laser is 11 times more precise than the average Pico laser. Its ultra-precise spot size comes in at a minuscule 0.4mm, that’s smaller than the nib of a pen. Our consultants work safely with LightSense™ because it is supremely accurate, making short work of embedded ink. With a precise laser it is possible to closely target the tattoo ink with little damage to the surrounding skin.

LightSense™ safely removes new tattoos

The basics of tattoo clearing and the importance of a healthy immune system

Working with your body’s natural immune system, laser tattoo removal breaks down the ink pigment that is encased within your dermis. That’s the inner layer of skin, sandwiched between the epidermis and the hypodermis. Once the pigment has been broken down with the ultra-precise beam of the LightSense™ laser your white blood cells move into action. They fight disease and protect the body from infection, flushing out the smaller particles of ink via the immune system. We see the best results in clients whose immune systems are functioning well: they are healthy and get plenty of sleep. So, whether it’s an old tattoo or fresh as a daisy, one of the key factors impacting your laser tattoo removal will be the state of your immune system.

As many as 18% of people say their tattoo didn't turn out how they had hoped

When you don’t get the tattoo you wanted

As NAAMA studio photographer Britt can vouch, often clients are removing their tattoos after a “miscommunication” between themselves and the tattoo artist. Whether that’s a major one, think text written backwards, or something more minor. We should also remember when talking about tattoos that we are dealing with artists, with their own creative visions and portfolios to curate. Often, they have their own ideas about how a tattoo should look, or even where it should be placed. After surveying 2000 people, NAAMA discovered that as many as 18% of people said their tattoo didn’t come out how they had hoped. We wouldn’t tolerate a restaurant where a fifth of the dishes were served cold. As we’ve seen there are many reasons why people would want to remove a new tattoo ASAP - and can. If, like Maeve, you’ve wondered how soon you can remove a fresh tattoo, find out by booking a consultation and patch test with one of our experts in our Central London studio.