What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

MAY, 29, 2024

Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Here’s the bad news: laser tattoo removal *can* be painful. A-list celebrities Kelly Osbourne and Mark Wahlberg have spoken about their tattoo removal experience, describing it as “1000000000000 times worse than getting the tattoo” and “like hot bacon grease getting flicked on you over and over again” respectively. 

Ready for the good news? They didn’t come to NAAMA. Exclusively equipped with a unique ultra-low energy laser, LightSense™ technology offers less painful tattoo removal. 

What does removing a tattoo with LightSense™ feel like?

We should preface this by saying that everyone’s experience and perception of pain is different. However, 70% of clients describe treatment at NAAMA as only “slightly uncomfortable”. Compared to Kelly and Mark’s description of other tattoo removal lasers, we’d say that’s a win for LightSense™. 

Here’s what NAAMA clients have said about their tattoo removal experience…

Fiona’s not alone with her description of it feeling like a scratch; many clients describe the LightSense™ laser this way or like a sharp pinch. But like Fiona goes on to say, treatment is quick and the session is over before you know it.

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LightSense™ vs other laser tattoo removal

It’s not unusual for clients to come to NAAMA after finding laser tattoo removal too painful elsewhere. 

NAAMA client and actor Jake Graf previously had a tattoo removed at another studio. He says, “in comparison to the terrible pain [having a tattoo removed] on the back of my neck, [LightSense™] is just in a different league.”

Meanwhile, model Caitlin Burles says, “If I was to rate the pain of [tattoo removal] from one to 10 from my previous experience, it would be a high eight to nine. I’ve given birth, so I know pain, and it was very painful… but my experience [of pain at NAAMA] is definitely at four to five.” 

It makes sense that clients are noticing a difference. LightSense™ operates using 34x less energy than the average Pico laser, with a 92x shorter pulse width and an 11x more precise spot size. That means the process is gentler on the skin, touches the skin for less time, and is targeting only the ink - not the surrounding skin. 

So there are ways to make laser tattoo removal hurt less

Choose your clinic wisely and make sure they’re using up-to-date technology - preferably LightSense™, but you’ll have to come to NAAMA for that. You won’t find our proprietary laser anywhere else.

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