What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

JULY 19, 2023

During a lymphatic drainage massage NAAMA's consultant will deploy a number of different massage techniques, including light rhythmic movements, compressions, stretches, and cupping motions, with the goal of stimulating your lymphatic system. 

You’re essentially squeezing out the remnants, the same way you’d squeeze a tube of toothpaste. But in this case you’re squeezing out harmful substances. 

The aim of this style of massage is to encourage lymph fluid to travel freely throughout the body, specifically, to the nodes and tissue. Lymph nodes filter the substances conveyed in the lymph fluid. 

Lymphatic drainage massage prevents this fluid from becoming lodged in one part of our body, and allows it to be filtered in a safe and healthy way. 

The massage encourages and stimulates proper circulation in the lymphatic system. 

Why is lymphatic drainage massage beneficial for tattoo removal?  

When you get a tattoo the ink pigment is deposited in the dermis, the middle layer of skin, by the artist’s needle. 

The body’s immune system springs into action and engulfs the foreign substance. Through a process called phagocytosis, the body’s macrophages engulf the ink pigment. It then stays lodged here and you have a shiny new tattoo. 

Throughout the tattoo’s life these macrophages constantly engulf ink, regurgitate it, and consume it again, in a process that is unending. 

That is until the LightSense™ laser system shatters the ink pigment apart and the process is disrupted. Broken down, the ink can finally be flushed out through the natural workings of the lymphatic system. 

A lymphatic drainage massage ensures that this part of the tattoo removal process - as important as the role of the laser - runs smoothly. 

If you are hydrated, physically fit, and rested, your immune system will perform best at this crucial juncture of laser tattoo removal. A lymphatic massage will further aid your immune system.

What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels throughout the body that conveys fluid (lymph). It works to support the circulatory system. 

The lymphatic system controls fluid levels, responds to cancer cells, and deals with any bacteria or harmful material.  

Tattoo ink pigment is exactly the sort of material that the lymphatic system deals with.

What are the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage? 

  • Reduced swelling: excess fluid and waste circulates more freely throughout the body

  • Detoxification: when working best the lymphatic system eliminates toxins from the body

  • Enhanced immune function: never get sick again with a solid defence against infection and disease

  • Better healing after surgery: many cosmetic surgeries benefit from this style of massage as it minimises swelling

Can I perform a lymphatic massage on myself? 

Anyone can perform a crude version of the lymphatic drainage massage on themselves. 

All you need are your hands, some of NAAMA’s specially-designed regeneration cream, and a spare couple of minutes. 

A firm rub of your skin, beginning at the top of your leg and working down to the feet and back up again will achieve some of the benefits of a professional massage in the lower half of your body.

We produced a video to demonstrate this massage

The benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage are numerous, and supported by our best understanding of the body’s immune system. 

Why not try a professional massage at NAAMA studios in London and discover just what can be achieved? Give your laser tattoo removal treatment the best conditions for success.