What is laser freckle removal?

JUNE 22, 2022

For some, freckles are a favourite feature that defines their look, while others see them as something that doesn’t suit them and want to opt for freckle removal.

Many people have actually made the decision to have faux freckle tattoos (which we think is a trend only set to continue), whilst others choose to have their natural ones removed. On the other hand, some even outgrow their freckle tattoos and opt for laser removal. Either way, here at NAAMA we champion whatever choice works for you and gives you maximum confidence.

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What are freckles?

Freckles are circular (ish) spots on the skin that are either caused by exposure to sunlight or certain chromosomes. Mostly brown or tan in colour, freckles can also be very light and very dark.

Why do we get them?

There are two types of freckles, called ephelides freckles and lentigines freckles. Ephelides freckles are the type that appear during summer and fade during the colder months, while lentigines freckles are the type that stay the same throughout.

If you naturally have freckles all-year round and want them removed, yours are most likely the lentigines type.

Does laser freckle removal work?

Yes - laser freckle removal works. At NAAMA, our skin-safe laser technology does this by breaking down the pigment particles of the freckle using our LightSense™ laser system’s pulsating light. Once the freckle’s pigment is broken down, it can be flushed by the body’s immune system the same way a tattoo removal is.

Unlike many older technologies, our LightSense™ laser system is gentle enough to use on the face without causing long term scars or blisters. We’re seeing efficient and effective results across our clients.

Is laser treatment safe for removing freckles?

Laser treatment is the safest way to remove freckles from your skin. Our own specially-developed in-house technology is the result of years of research carried out by both scientists and dermatologists, ensuring that it is completely skin-safe. The laser itself operates at a higher speed but lower energy rate, meaning that it doesn’t get as hot as other mainstream lasers and therefore won’t cause your skin to burn or blister. Skin safety is our priority at NAAMA, which is why we recommend that all clients follow a strict aftercare regime and apply our skincare such as our own specially-formulated creams.

How many laser sessions does it take to remove freckles?

The number of sessions it will take to get rid of freckles depends entirely on you, your freckles and your lifestyle.

Your immune system is responsible for carrying the pigment away on your white blood cells, which is why things like general health, sleep, exercise and diet will also play a substantial part in freckle removal.

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