What is lymphatic drainage massage good for?

AUGUST 9, 2023

Put bluntly, absolutely everything, if we consider that the total lymph flow in the body measures in at a turgid 4-5 litres per day. That’s a lot of fluid for the 500−600 lymph nodes of the human body to process. 

So how can massage help with this natural bodily process, especially when it comes to laser tattoo removal?

During a lymphatic drainage massage the therapist will deploy a number of different techniques, including light rhythmic movements, compressions, stretches and cupping motions, with the goal of stimulating your lymphatic system. 

This prevents fluid from becoming lodged in one part of our body and allows it to be filtered in a safe and healthy way. It’s ideal for anyone having tattoo removal - or anyone who needs a wellness hit.

NAAMA Plus has been curated to offer a range of treatments, experiences, and skincare direct from our experts, all with the aim of enhancing your removal results. It’s a body detox and wellness boost, whether you're having a tattoo removed or not.

In this blog we speak to Nikita, laser consultant at NAAMA studios in London, about her special training to deliver lymphatic drainage massage. She answers all of your important, lymph-specific questions below. 

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NAAMA: What steps can improve a client’s laser tattoo removal results? 

Nikita: After our clients have had a session they need a bit of downtime, so no exercise for about two days.

This is just to ensure that the client doesn't get a reaction or blisters. These can still happen but generally we ask them to take this downtime so that the healing process runs smoothly. After these two days we encourage them to drink a lot of water. Two litres per day is the minimum requirement.

Then we ask that they engage in gentle exercise. When you exercise your lymphatic system is activated. 

The body will excrete lymph into the lymph nodes a lot faster when you do exercise. It is really important to keep moving because this helps the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. If a client is an office worker then we encourage them to get moving.

NAAMA: How does lymphatic massage work alongside laser tattoo removal?

Nikita: The lymphatic system is responsible for removing all of the broken-down particles left by the LightSense™ laser treatment. When we treat the tattoo it breaks the components down into smaller particles, which the body then recognises as a toxin. That toxin then gets transported through the lymph, through the blood.

To be clear, once intestinal fluid enters a lymph capillary, it is referred to as lymph. 

This fluid travels up to the lymph nodes, which are located throughout the body. Once it gets to the lymph node it is then able to centralise in the thoracic duct, which is in the middle of the body. That will excrete the tattoo particles. 

Lymphatic drainage massage is certainly great to implement if a person really wants to take their tattoo removal seriously.

Generally, after you've had a massage you will feel like using the toilet. This is a good response because it means that we've worked on getting that lymph into the central system and out of the body.

NAAMA: Why do people not experiencing laser tattoo removal benefit from lymphatic drainage massage?

Nikita: Lymphatic drainage massage is great for the body's overall health, particularly for people who are suffering from inflammation in the body. 

A routine that has really taken off recently is facial lymphatic massage, which really helps to de-puff the face. Lots of people will experience inflammation because of eating certain foods. Of course many people are concerned about this, and so lymphatic massage can offer an immediate result by slimming the face as well as relieving pain and tension in the face. 

I actually used to do this before I worked at NAAMA studios.

Anyone can benefit from lymphatic drainage massage, from people experiencing inflammation directly after a flight or because of poor diet and lifestyle choices, to people experiencing joint pain.

NAAMA: And finally, can you perform lymphatic drainage massage on yourself, or should our clients visit NAAMA’s studio to get the best results?

Nikita: Yes, but often when people do it to themselves at home they are not able to follow the correct process.

You have to start with the core of the body and it can be a bit difficult to do this. It's also very repetitive. Each move takes five to ten passes over one area, in the exact same area, and then you repeat it. 

Coming into the studio is much more relaxing for our clients, especially when they incorporate it into their treatment plan for laser tattoo removal.

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