Ilario's tattoo removal story


Ilario’s tattoo served as a constant reminder of who he used to be and the poor choices he made. He came to NAAMA through our charity partner The Forward Trust. Here is his story.

My name is Ilario. My life has been kind of rough. I was very shy when I was young and I became addicted to drugs and alcohol at a young age. I spent a lot of time in and out of prison. The tattoo I had was a swastika, it is on my wrist. I had it when I was in the army, I followed what the regiment was doing. I have regretted it ever since.

"It'll be amazing when it’s removed completely, which is nearly done. It's the final nail to bury my past completely."

I always kept my watch on wrist to hide it. I wanted to get it tattooed over but I was too ashamed to go to a tattoo shop. The older I got the more upset I was about the tattoo. I didn't know it would be possible to stop taking drugs but eventually, one day became two, then become a week and my life changed. I dealt with my regret. When I left prison I had nothing. I went to look for work and found this guy who gave me a chance and then in 2001 I decided to start my own catering business. I trained and employed people, like myself, who came out of prison.

Ilario's progress

After 1 month

Ilario came to NAAMA with a small tattoo on his wrist.

After 3 months

The tattoo is fading.

After 6 months

The tattoo loses its form and some areas start to disappear.

After 11 months

The ink is almost removed, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

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