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Azande hates the placement of the lower back tattoo she got as a teenager. So much so, she avoids showing it and hasn’t worn a bikini in years. After discovering NAAMA, she knew she’d found the right place to get it removed and reclaim her freedom. 

I think I was 17 and I really wanted a tattoo but I wasn’t sure where to put it. And for some reason, I thought my lower back was the way to go. I wish I had put it further up. I don’t hate the tattoo; I hate where it is and what that placement represents. 

I remember showing it to my mum and she was like, “I’ll pay. I’ll pay for you to get it removed today.” But I loved it then, so I said no. Now I wish I’d said yes. 

It’s annoying because I love my tattoos and all of them mean something. But I guess that’s what happens when you make permanent decisions when you’re 17. 

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What made you choose NAAMA for tattoo removal?

I saw an ad on Pinterest and thought, ‘ok, maybe it’s time’, so I phoned up and you guys were great. You explained the whole process, I read the client stories, saw the quality of the progress and was like, ‘I can do this. Let’s go for it.’ 

You also explained that on black skin, the process can look different. I was told I might have to come for more treatments but that we’d see how it goes. You’re on that journey with me. Even that - to not sell a singular experience but to be honest and say ‘hey, the process might look different for you’ - made me feel more confident. 

“The butterfly symbolises freedom, but I want her to be gone so that I can be free.”

It’s really interesting because I actually didn’t know that much about tattoo removal. To begin with, I was getting all these crazy low prices and I thought it didn’t sound right. And then after speaking to NAAMA, I didn’t even call anywhere else. I just instinctively knew that I could trust you. Your information was clear. It was realistic. It just felt like you guys would be transparent, truthful, and professional. There was a real sense of me believing in you. 

I came to an open event and I remember just being like, ‘yes, this is my vibe.’ I was a bit nervous but not really. You made it feel like it’s not just a treatment, it’s an experience. Every time I come in it’s, ‘can we put your bag away? Here’s your drink.’ You guys are up for a chat and I think it’s those little things that make it feel chill. Even if I’m worried about pain, I know you guys are going to be cool and the environment’s going to be great. 

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What factors were most important to you?

I think the speed of the removal was the main thing for me. At the beginning of the year, I put all these resolutions in place to go to the gym and stuff like that. So since I’m getting my hot body, I want to show my body - but I don’t want to show that stupid tattoo. 

The fact you guys said it’ll probably take just over a year, I thought, ‘ok, I’ve got a year to look sexy and be ready for my reveal!’

I’m also a sucker for a good aesthetic. It’s calming and I’m not scared when I get my treatment. Everyone is super-welcoming and the people are lovely. The communication is so clear. There’s no over-promising or over-selling, it’s just professional. 

“It just felt like you guys would be transparent, truthful, and professional. There was a real sense of me believing in you.”

How have you found treatment?

Really good. I’ve definitely seen progress and I’m seeing it lighten. Last time I was here, the consultant did a microscopic photo of it and I was like, ‘oh my gosh, I can see it breaking down.’ 

I would say it’s quite painful, but I’ve got a high pain tolerance and it’s totally worth it. I’m using all the amazing aftercare creams as well which definitely soothe it. It’s itchy the first three days but it’s super-chill after that. 

You said you hate the placement of your tattoo. Has it impacted how you dress?

This is how sad it is: I haven’t worn a bikini since I was 17 because of the tattoo. As soon as it disappears, that bikini’s coming on! I can’t wait. I’m excited to see the results and go through the process. I can’t wait until it’s not there. 

It almost sounds like removing it will give you more freedom

Yeah, I mean, I guess the butterfly symbolises freedom, but I want her to be gone so that I can be free. So yes, it’s definitely going to be a sense of freedom. 

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