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Bilal laser tattoo removal London
Bilal laser tattoo removal London

Meet Bilal, a boxing British middleweight champion, personal trainer and actor. But his early life didn’t lend itself to such personal success, after coming to England from Nigeria as a refugee when he was a child. When Bilal discovered his real birth date placed him in the Leo zodiac, Bilal got two lions tattooed on his shoulders to represent his star sign. Now, he’s removing them. This is Bilal’s story. 

Because of my upbringing - my mum wasn’t nice, my dad wasn’t there - I have this built up aggression, this fire that’s about to explode and I want to let it out. The only way that I can express it is through being a lion. I came here with the assumption that my date of birth was the 3rd of April. I found a relative that told me ‘Bilal, you're not the 3rd of April, you’re actually the 3rd of August,’ and that put me in the demographics of Leo.

"I love tattoos. It's liking something, but you don't have to own it."

And that explained everything. I have so much fire, so much energy, it's overflowing. I want to tame it. So I realised I was a lion, the symbol of Leo. I got the lions tattooed on me and they’re roaring against each other. That's me. That's who I am. 

I realised as time goes by that you don't really have to use muscle. I don't have to advertise my energy or what I am, I can evoke it, summon it, bring it out. Having tattoos is nice, but I've grown out of it. 

You’re a very passionate and driven person. How does that translate into your tattoos?

If you're going to do something, it has to have meaning. Whatever you do in life, you need to know why you're doing it. 

My tattoos have a meaning, but it’s not me anymore. It's just too loud. The lions and then one on my arm I would like to go because it doesn't sit right with my soul.

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I never regret anything. If you look at something you regret it’s because you haven't learned from it. You need to see things that you don't appreciate anymore and pick out why you don't appreciate it. I've grown and because of this, I am now shifting and restructuring myself. I’ve learned you don't have to write everything out there for you to feel it. You can have it in your heart.

I love tattoos. It's liking something, but you don't have to own it. The choice to change the tattoo is amazing.

And you’ve made that choice! What drew you to NAAMA?

I’m very picky. Trust me. I'm one of the most picky individuals you can find. 

I went on Google and I said, ‘the best tattoo removal in London’ - because you don't want to go to an inferior one - and you guys came up. 

The organisation and the orchestration of the facility is second to none. It's amazing. You are the most important person, they give you everything you need. I can't thank you guys enough, it’s amazing. 

"My tattoos have a meaning, but it’s not me anymore."

For you to be in the city in this location and in this space shows that you are using the premium gadgets. The trajectory of tattoo removal has been going further but other studios are still holding onto the materials and the equipment that they've had for like 10 years or five years. That's why I'm here. I'm picky.

And that was when the transformation started. When I look at myself now I'm delighted with my appearance. I'm not saying I wasn't before, but I'm more now than I was before. If you have a house and in your room you have so many things, like boxes, your shirt, your laptop on the floor, the food plate from yesterday over there… your mind is scattered. If you clear all that out, the moment you go out and come back in, it's like a breath of fresh air. That's how I feel now.

Bilal's shoulder tattoo progress

Before treatment

Bilal's lion tattoos are dark and heavily shaded.

After 6 sessions

Fading is noticeable and features are less distinctive.

After 9 sessions

The lions continue to fade, as does the angel's sword on Bilal's chest.

After 11 sessions

Bilal's multiple tattoo removals are making excellent progress.

Bilal's arm tattoo progress

Before treatment

Bilal's bird and feather tattoo had lots of detailing.

After 6 sessions

Shading has faded but outlines remain.

After 9 sessions

The remaining ink now shows a good level of fading.

After 11 sessions

The original tattoo is difficult to see, and skin looks healthy underneath.

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