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Elisa loved part of her Buddha tattoo. The rest of the design she felt got lost in translation with her tattoo artist. She came to NAAMA to erase part of it and start fresh. This is her story.

My name is Elisa and I’m a part-time yoga teacher. I’ve been doing lots of courses recently. I’m happily married with two lovely children. I live in East Sussex in the forest, so it’s nice to come up to London every now and then to get that city buzz.

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What drew you to getting your Buddha tattoo?

The Buddha for me is like my protection. She’s my strength. She’s always with me. It was really important to get the tattoo of her right. I didn’t want her touched, because to me she was perfect. In hindsight, maybe that was what was meant to be.

What made you want to get part of your tattoo removed?

I had this tattoo done about 5 years ago. I had an idea of what I wanted. I went in with a design, and I was ready to receive a little bit of inspiration from the artist too. I wasn’t overly happy with what I received. I love the part of the tattoo on my shoulder, the Buddha, that was perfect—but the surrounding area on the front and back wasn’t quite right. I think something was lost in the interpretation, which is fine; it does happen.

I went back, and the artist was really good about it and apologetic when I said I was unhappy. She tried to soften the surrounding area into the design I initially wanted. But the whole tattoo and why I wanted to get it done in the first place almost lost its serenity. It became something that looked more angry, and I wasn’t happy with it. I didn’t go back to the artist again; I didn’t want to go any further with it or make the tattoo bigger. I thought I would just live with it.

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I began to investigate getting a cover-up. I went to see another artist, and they did another design for me. It was lovely, but in my heart I still felt it wasn’t what I wanted and I’d be making a compromise.

Then Covid hit, and that second artist I was speaking to went off to other countries. I thought the only way I’m going to get what I really want now is to have the rest of the tattoo surrounding the Buddha removed.

What was it like having a tattoo you didn’t like on your skin?

I was beginning to feel really unhappy with the tattoo. I didn’t want to show it. I was putting tops on to cover it. I didn't feel comfortable showing it because it wasn’t what I originally wanted it to depict. I didn’t want the cover-up done at that point. I wanted the freedom to have the tattoo I originally wanted done.

Then I came across NAAMA and the removal you were offering. It would give me the freedom to incorporate the Buddha in a way that I’ll be really happy with and finally have the tattoo I wanted.

How did you find your treatments? Were they painful?

You hear real horror stories about tattoo removal and the blistering, scarring and pain. That there’s a ‘burning skin’ smell.

Mine were completely bearable. Everyone’s pain thresholds are very different. For me, it wasn’t more painful than having a tattoo done - and that’s a lot longer. The treatment is for such a short amount of time. They use cold air and ice packs too. It’s really been worth it.

What do you think helped you heal more quickly?

I was using the NAAMA aftercare creams. They’ve been really good as well.

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What are your plans for the rest of your tattoo now that the surrounding area is clear?

I’m going to go over that area again. That’s why it was so important to me in this process to eliminate the parts I didn’t like and keep the Buddha as is. The results have been amazing. It’s been so good here at NAAMA. Everyone’s been so lovely. You get treated with such attention. While you’re going through the treatment, they’re constantly asking if I’m okay and if I need anything. The whole experience has been really good.

How does it feel having the chance to start the tattoo over again?

I feel like I need to voice my opinions this time with the design because I don’t want to have to go through another removal. It’s made me more confident in what I know I originally wanted. It’s exciting!

To have something on your body that truly represents you and who you are speaks volumes. It’s not just about a tattoo. It’s more about what that tattoo means. It goes a lot deeper than having something there to replace what was there.

Now that you’ve cleared the parts of your tattoo you didn’t like, what will you put there next?

It’ll be very simple lines and quite fluid. There's a few things I’ve seen recently that inspired the route I’m going for. When you see something, you know it’s right for you because your whole heart says yes.

Elisa's progress

Before treatment

Elisa wanted to keep the Buddha design of her tattoo, and clear the rest.

After 1 session

The precise LightSense™ laser beam allows us to pinpoint the ink molecules in the design with direct energy, leaving the rest of the Buddha untouched.

After 4 sessions

The ink molecules break down and the body continues to flush them out through the lymphatic system, fading away the tattoo.

After 12 sessions

Elisa’s partial removal is complete and her skin is clear, healthy and ready for what’s next.

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