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Emma’s collected many tattoos throughout the years, and some she loves more than others. Keen to remove the ones that no longer mean much, she wanted to find a place that would be gentle on her skin. This is her story.

My name is Emma and I had my shoulder tattoo done when I was really young. I didn’t really like the placement - even while the tattoo artist was doing it. I felt too young to speak up and say anything so I’ve ended up with a tattoo that I don’t really enjoy.

I have quite a few tattoos that I’m removing: a few on my hands; my wrists; a butterfly on my forearm; a few butterflies on my shoulder; and a line of writing on my leg. I have a few that I’m not removing, and those are quite personal. These ones that I am removing, I got a little bit carried away; I got a few too many without really thinking it through. They don’t really mean anything, and some of them weren’t done well. I don’t hold much value to them.

Given the amount of tattoos I have, I think it will be better for me in the long run to cut back. I’m a model currently starting a tech apprenticeship, so part of the reason to want them gone is also work. It’s not really ideal to be a model and have lots of visible tattoos - same for my tech job where hand tattoos are accepted, but not as much.

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You have quite a collection of tattoos. Which tattoos were your first?

The one on my wrist was my first tattoo. It’s of a bird and two lines of writing, but the artist did the writing much too small. So within a year and a half, the ink bled out and you can’t read it anymore. I don’t even remember what it originally said.

What made you choose NAAMA for your tattoo clearing journey?

I had been researching NAAMA for years. Being someone with darker skin, I was quite worried about scarring and any permanent damage. When I found NAAMA, I came in for a consultation and learned you were using a more advanced laser than anyone else.

A lot of places say there can be risks when the skin has a lot of pigment, so for me NAAMA’s skin-safe technology was important. I wanted to make sure I was being safe with my skin, rather than rushing the removal. While NAAMA’s laser is effective, it doesn’t take months to heal like some places where you need to wait months and months between sessions because your skin is quite damaged after the treatment.

How have you found your treatments?

My wrist tattoos came off pretty well and quickly. My shoulder tattoo didn’t budge to start, then all of the sudden it started to clear. The progress has gone really well ever since.

I’ve found the sensation of the laser more than bearable on my shoulder, and some other areas on my body are more than okay. A few spots like my hands by the nail cuticle are a bit harder, but the plus side is that it’s over so quickly. When I’m mentally prepared, it’s more than doable.

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"NAAMA’s skin-safe technology was important. I wanted to make sure I was being safe with my skin, rather than rushing the removal."

Do you think getting your tattoo has helped improve your lifestyle?

Massively. I found that when I was tired or hungry during my session, I felt it a lot more. I then made sure I’d eaten, was well-rested and hydrated more often and especially before my appointments. I’ve made several little adjustments to care for my body. I’m a smoker and I’ve seriously cut down. I’ve increased my water intake.

Did you ever consider cover-ups as an alternative to removal?

No. The tattoos I wanted removed are in really visible areas and they’re quite large, so the cover up would have been even bigger. I probably would have ended up with a full sleeve of tattoos! That’s why I chose laser tattoo removal over cover up.

Emma's progress

Before treatment

Emma’s shoulder tattoo is of two roses with thick line work.

After 7 sessions

The ink begins to break down, allowing the immune system to clear it from the skin.

After 13 sessions

The ink particles continues to fade, leaving behind little of the original detail.

After 15 sessions

Emma’s tattoo is nearly gone as the body keeps clearing the ink particles after treatment.

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