Emma is an avid tattoo collector. When she heard she’d need to have her eyebrow tattoos removed before getting her microblading redone, she decided to jump at the chance to remove her back tattoo too. This is her story.

I’m Emma and what brought me to NAAMA is I wanted to get my eyebrow tattoos removed. I over-plucked them at 14 years old, pretty much like every other teenager. I didn’t really appreciate my eyebrows then, so I pencilled them in for several years afterwards. After 15 years, it became a lot of effort. Especially when you don’t have a natural eyebrow shape to reference to draw from. I’m also shorter, and oftentimes when people walk past me they brush the makeup off. I ended up trying semi-permanent makeup but my brows didn’t take to it well, so I went down the route of getting eyebrow tattooing.

I really liked them and I really liked the freedom and flexibility of not having to draw my eyebrows on anymore. But, they started to fade. I decided to go in for a microblading consultation, and they said the eyebrow tattoos I had weren’t in the right position on my face. They suggest having them lasered off first, so they could be redone.

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How did you find NAAMA?

I started researching to find the right place. I heard horror stories of tattoo removals that end in scars and you’re in a worse situation than you started. I discovered NAAMA’s CEO, and I really liked the improvement in the laser technology and how NAAMA isn’t using someone’s technology - you’re investing in yourselves. You want to achieve the best results with the least amount of damage. That was really exciting for me. You cared about the results as much as me.

I could also get another tattoo cleared at the same time. I’ve got a lower back tattoo that I don’t love as much anymore. Being able to remove my eyebrow and back tattoos for a single price was something that couldn’t be beat.

"From the moment you come through the door, everyone is so helpful, friendly and professional."

What made you want to remove your back tattoo as well?

I got my back tattoo done when it was really popular. I was with an ex at the time and he was seeing a friend who worked at a tattoo studio. I saw the design, and felt I needed to get it done right away. That was the worst thing to do. It’s the type of thing I should have thought through. I didn’t. At the time, I loved it; it was very noughties, like having a tribal tattoo.

My back tattoo was something I got spur of the moment. I probably shouldn’t have done it. Times have moved on from that trend.

How have you found your experience so far with NAAMA?

From the moment you come through the door, everyone is so helpful, friendly and professional. Everyone that works at NAAMA is quite passionate about the work they do, and it helps because ultimately, these removals are happening in important places like on my face. You also want the best results for me.

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You’re probably nearing the end of your journey. How does it feel?

It’s been really exciting. Until you do it, you don't know if it’s gonna work. After the first session, my tattoos didn't look dramatically different. But after the second I thought, “wow, it looks really different” and having the photos to show the progress made such a difference.

What is your plan for when your treatments are complete? Will you go in for microblading?

Yes. I don't want to draw my eyebrows in anymore; it takes me so much time it’s ridiculous. Normally my makeup routine is 10 minutes, but it was taking so much longer to shape and draw my eyebrows. I feel like everyone is more aware of eyebrows these days because they’re so in fashion, so I’m more aware of my own. I didn’t feel I was doing a good job filling them in and they're such an important part of your face.

As for your back tattoo removal, would you ever get another tattoo?

It's possible, but I think my reluctance has always been that I work in technology. I never quite know the kind of culture and the environment I'm going to work in, so I've always wanted to have tattoos in places that I can hide or keep them discreet. So I think for now, I don't have anything planned. Let's put it that way.

Are you happy with the results so far?

Yeah, definitely. It’s like an undoing of something I probably shouldn’t have done in the first place. It didn’t look good. My eyebrow tattoos are pretty much gone after six sessions and I’m seeing such a difference in my back tattoo. The change has been quite dramatic.

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How have you found your treatments?

I do find it painful, but to be fair, I don’t have a high pain threshold. I found my eyebrows weren’t painful, which is really nice. My back hasn't been massively painful, but your lower back is obviously a more sensitive area depending on the time of the month. There are times when it’s more painful one day and completely different the next. And for the sake of a few minutes, honestly, the end results make it worth it.

Now that you’ve had tattoo removal, what are your thoughts on getting rid of tattoos?

I think it’s an excellent option. People put too much pressure on a tattoo being permanent when it doesn’t have to be. Oftentimes we do things in the moment, based on who we were and how we felt. Or we were young and now we’ve outgrown our tattoos. I think people underestimate the psychological impact of making a bad decision, or one while in a negative headspace, and now you’ve got a permanent reminder of it that you want to get rid of. Why shouldn’t you have the opportunity to change?

Emma's progress

Before treatment

Emma’s eyebrow tattoos before her treatment, faded and angular.

After 2 sessions

Emma’s brows have significantly lifted after just 2 short sessions.

After 6 sessions

Emma’s brows continue to see great progress as the body continues to clear the ink.

After 8 sessions

Emma’s eyebrows are nearly gone and she will continue to see results past her sessions.

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