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g came to NAAMA with a tattoo she no longer liked, and left with her clear skin and confidence back. This is her story.

My name is g. I got a tattoo I really loved, and I wanted it replicated on a different part of my body. This time on my arm. But the artist that did it didn’t replicate it in a way that I was happy with. As I was sitting in the chair, I knew it wasn’t right, but I was too nervous to ask for the changes I wanted. After, I noticed the way the design had been laid on my arm distorted the tattoo when I moved. It made me self-conscious. Within hours of having the tattoo, I hated it. It was on my right arm, so it was super visible anytime I waved to someone, held a drink or made any gesture.

I always wanted to get it removed, but I never thought I would because I heard so many horror stories. I grew up watching The Craft where the girl in it has problems with her skin. At the beginning of the film, they show her having this laser needle treatment and her constant screams. That image had always been my association with tattoo removal. Anytime anyone spoke to me about tattoo removal, I would hear “it’s so painful” - even from people who were tattooed head to toe. I was worried about that sort of pain and thought it would burn my arm, because lasers are notorious for scarring.

When I found NAAMA, I came in for a patch test. I was so surprised at how non-invasive it was. For me, it’s been relatively pain-free. I didn’t feel it. It’s like a tiny little pinch.

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"It’s as if the skin was completely untouched. There's no scarring. It’s really amazing."

What made you choose NAAMA?

I was looking for a laser treatment that didn’t burn the skin, because that had been my biggest fear. The absolute bonus of this is the speed at which it can be done and how beautiful the surroundings are [to get it done in]. You walk in the studio, and you just feel instantly comfortable.

I think that’s the same when you get a tattoo; you have to walk into the studio and feel comfortable. At NAAMA, it feels the same; it actually feels like going to a tattoo studio except instead of leaving with a new tattoo, you come out with less than you came in with.

How did you find your experience with NAAMA?

I thought the studio was beautiful. Everyone made me feel really at ease when I was so scared coming in for my first treatment. The studio is really relaxed, beautiful and feels cool. It’s like coming to a spa. I was amazed with the results. Because the laser doesn’t burn the skin, you can have the treatments done more frequently.

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What’s it like seeing your tattoo finally cleared?

I never thought you’d actually be able to get rid of the entire thing, but that's essentially what’s happened. It’s as if the skin was completely untouched. There's no scarring. It’s really amazing.

How does it make you feel?

It definitely made me feel more confident. Before I was so self-conscious about lifting my right arm, and really embarrassed. Some people in my family would say, “it’s on your skin forever” or “imagine what it’ll look like when you’re older” which I think is mean to say. But the point is, you feel embarrassed when you’ve gotten a tattoo that you’ve wanted, but you’re not happy with it. I should have spoken up; it felt like a failure on my part not to. So every time I saw my tattoo, I felt like I failed myself, and was reminded of that.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about clearing their tattoos?

I’ve spoken to people who are getting cover-ups and they’ve had to stop with the type of laser removal they were having because the scarring was so bad. It has ruined the cover-up, and I think that’s such a shame. I always tell people to come to NAAMA. If anyone mentions tattoo removal to me, I’m on my soapbox recommending NAAMA. This is the only place I would come.

g's progress

Before treatment

g’s tattoo at the start of her sessions, done with delicate line work and black ink.

After 2 sessions

The laser has broken down the pigment and the body has begun to clear the particles from the skin.

After 10 sessions

The immune system continues to clear the tattoo ink between sessions.

After 19 sessions

g’s tattoo is almost cleared, leaving behind her original skin.

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