After having her eyebrows microbladed three times, Holly was unhappy with how intense they looked. After asking several places to remove her microblading and hearing “no” after “no,” she found NAAMA. This is her story.

I’m Holly and I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed three times. The third time I tried a different technique called ombré microblading, where they use a combination of microblading on the inside of the brow and light tattooing on the arch. I was quite pleased with the results at first, but they were very extreme and the final shape went slightly outside my hairline. It looked fine when I had a full face of makeup on but, as the ink started to fade, it turned quite a grey colour. This created an extreme difference in my brows from the inside (which was microbladed) to the outside (which was ombré microbladed using a tattoo gun). It almost looked like my brows were drawn on towards the edge.

The point of microblading is to make you feel more confident without makeup on, but that was the opposite of what was happening for me. I only felt confident when I had time to put makeup over top of my brows and somehow blend it all in to match. The advice given to me was that within 18 months to two years, your body naturally breaks down the dye and they’ll fade. But after about two and a half years, my eyebrows were still very visible and showing no signs of breaking down or fading. It was at that point that I started to realise that the only resolution was going to be laser removal.

I spoke to a number of different microblading places and experts and none of them offered laser removal. It turns out that very few of them even have a laser removal place that they can refer you to. They don’t want to admit that it requires costly removal. After a while, I started investigating and I spoke to a few different laser places, but none of them felt confident performing laser tattoo removal on my face. Until NAAMA.

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"The difference from my first to my second session was so big that it immediately felt rewarding."

How did you find your experience at NAAMA?

The team at NAAMA understood me, which is the most important thing. Before NAAMA, every other place that I spoke to seemed quite hesitant. I suggested to one that they laser the tattoo bit and leave the microblading, but there was a risk that it could result in hair loss. I went to NAAMA for a consultation, and we talked through the process. They suggested that I take away the parts of the microblading that I didn’t like and leave the bits I did.

How does it feel like now that your microblading is almost gone?

I had never had any problem before with microblading, but this new technique was different. I wouldn't let anyone use any combination of microblading and tattooing on my eyebrows ever again. I was so uncomfortable with the results of it. Lots of people kept saying, “they're not that bad. You don't need to remove your microbladed brows.” But that was part of the problem; some removal places I went to speak to didn't understand why I would get them removed. They were the classic kind of Instagram eyebrow, but I just didn't like them on me. Now I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.

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What results did you see?

I saw instant results and the biggest change from session one to two. The dye mixture they microbladed with to get the right shades began to break down and the dark pigment lightened. If you look at my previous pictures, my eyebrows really did look solid. Then between each session, they’ve gradually changed as the different red and yellow dye pigments started to break down. Now my eyebrows have a very slight shade to them as opposed to looking solid and extreme. I’m even happy to walk around without makeup on.

How did you find the removal process? Was it painful?

No, not really. I've had laser hair removal and it's not as painful as that. That was kind of my barometer. The difference from my first to my second session was so big, that it immediately felt rewarding.

Holly's progress

Before treatment

Holly’s brows at the start of her treatment, heavily pigmented and overdrawn.

After 3 sessions

The ink particles in Holly’s brows begin to break down and fade at the edges.

After 11 sessions

Holly’s brows are showing amazing progress, with only a few small details left.

After 14 sessions

Holly’s brows are cleared and back to their natural state.

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