For Lucky, sword swallower and a decade-long tattoo collector, the thrill of removing a chest piece felt like getting a new tattoo. This is her story.

I’m Lucky and I’m a sword swallower. When I was growing up, I always felt a little bit different - like I didn’t fit in. I think a lot of us feel like that when we're young. I started to get tattoos way before I knew that I would be into the arts or circus stuff I’m into now. I waited until I turned 18 years old to get my first tattoo. Then over the years, I got a little bit more exposure to tattoo culture.

There was this website I used to visit all about body modification. It was one of the first online places you could go and really see tattoos, piercings, split tongues - all that kind of stuff. Everyone was so confident making these changes to their bodies. I knew I wanted to try that too, so I slowly started getting more and more tattoos all over. Being able to change my body however I wanted made me feel in control of my world.

I got a British passport through my mum. As soon as I got it, I was golden. I could be off. I travelled and moved countries often. I felt connected to people with a traveller’s mindset. I went to places like Tokyo, New York, China, Paris and thought to myself “wow, there's a whole community of alternative people. They’re able to make money living an alternative lifestyle. I could do that too.”

By 25, I had quite a few tattoos. I got a lot of silly ones, like the big, bold and colourful zombie tattoo on my chest. After I had my breast reduction, I wondered what it would be like if this jokey chest tattoo wasn’t there. It’s such a big space, I knew it would make such a difference.

What made you finally decide to remove your tattoo?

When I heard about NAAMA’s laser technology and its unique ability to remove colour, I thought removing my chest tattoo would be the same thrill as getting a new tattoo. It would be such a change to remove a piece that’s been here for so long. The removal would be a body modification itself.

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"You can see clear skin in between the fading and that’s when I knew: it’s working. It's amazing to see that.”

Why did you choose to do it at NAAMA?

I was thinking about tattoo removal during the pandemic. I started to do a bit of research and quickly learned most places can’t treat colour inks. They can maybe fade a few bits, but their lasers only remove blacks and maybe blues. You’re kind of stuck if your tattoo is colourful and you want to change it.

A friend of mine knew about NAAMA before it launched. “Don’t do anything yet,” he said to me. “This new company is about to come out and blow everyone out of the water. They have a new laser removal technology that can remove colour.” I quickly contacted the team.

You had such a huge piece on your chest. How’s the removal process been for you? When did you start to notice a difference?

I started to see a difference after the first few sessions. Different parts of the tattoo changed quite quickly. The purples and greens faded first, and now it’s all really starting to fade. You can see skin in between the fading and that’s when I knew: it’s working. It's amazing to see that.

Every time I have a session, it heals - and that’s one of the best parts about NAAMA. It's easier than getting the tattoo in the first place. The skin doesn’t bubble. Then, it starts to fade after a few sessions. Once the system has drained the ink pigment, you really start noticing the difference.

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How does it feel to have it nearly gone?

It was around session three or four where I was like, hang on a minute, my chest looks different. Something's changed. When I look at old videos or pictures I think, “wow my tattoo used to be bright green and pink. It was so vibrant.” Now the colours have almost completely dissipated. I even had someone notice at a café ask outright, “are you removing that tattoo on your chest?”

Any plans after it’s removed?

Now that my chest is showing such a difference, I'm so excited. It's like getting a new tattoo. When it’s done, I'm open to tattooing over it - maybe some flowers or something - or keeping the skin clear.

How have you found NAAMA?

The brand experience is so nice and modern. The interior is very calming, it doesn’t feel like a doctor's office or too clinical right away. At NAAMA, it’s a mix between that and an elegant spa. Everyone here is very knowledgeable. You feel in good hands.

What would your advice be to someone also thinking about colour tattoo removal?

I'd say go for it. The ability to remove colour is the best thing about NAAMA’s laser technology. If you’re removing a colour tattoo or have olive, black or brown skin, NAAMA is going to be a better option for you. NAAMA’s laser removes colour without messing with the skin’s melanin. Often if you've got melanin in your skin, even a little bit of olive, conventional laser removal will unintentionally target that pigment too. You’ll end up a white scar because the laser lifted all the tattoo and skin pigment.

Lucky's progress

Before treatment

Lucky’s chest tattoo is vibrant and colourful pre-treatment.

In treatment

Ink particles start to breakdown and harsh lines begin to fade.

After several sessions

Lucky’s body continues to dissolve the ink, leaving clear skin behind.

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