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Magda hoped to conceal a scar on her mouth with lip blushing, a permanent lip tattooing procedure that helps enhance shape and colour, but the end result left her less than happy. This is her story.

I’m Magda. I'm originally from Brazil and I’ve been in London now for over three years working as a childminder. London is quite different. The people are very friendly here and I love the city. I had lip blushing done about a year ago. It’s a lip tattooing technique that uses small needles to enhance the colour and shape. You don’t have to wear lipstick after which I liked the idea of because I have really pale lips. I also have a scar at the corner of my mouth and it bothered me a lot. I was always trying to cover it up and hoped the lip blushing would help.

I wasn’t very happy with the results. I was looking for something very natural, to have a little colour added and no change to my natural lip shape. I was told the results would turn out that way. Instead, it turned out very different than they promised me. They messed up the shape of my lips. Because of the scar I have at the end of my mouth, it looked even more fake. I wasn’t very happy with the results.

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What made you decide to get your lip blushing removed?

Since the lip blushing was on my face, there was no way to hide it. It affected my self esteem. When I found NAAMA, that all changed. They're removing the lip blushing and it’s been great. I could see the results right away after the first session. I’ve had four sessions so far and I’m already near the end of my removal.

How have you found your lip tattoo removal experience at NAAMA?

I heard about NAAMA on social media and I did my research. I was very pleased to come here and see how the team worked. I came in and met with a consultant before I booked and I felt very confident knowing what I was getting into.

"I could see the results right away after the first session."

How have you found the treatment?

I'm very sensitive, but the treatment is manageable and way less painful than getting the lip blushing done in the first place.

What would you say to anyone who's thinking about having any kind of permanent makeup removed?

Come to NAAMA. The staff is very warm and welcoming. The team is very knowledgeable and I felt guided through all the steps, knowing exactly what to expect with the treatment and results.

It’s been amazing and I’m very happy.

Magda's progress

Before treatment

Magda's lips before her treatment; overdrawn and heavily pigmented.

After one session

The pigment in Magda's lip blushing immediately begins to break down, lightening in colour.

After two sessions

Colour continues to fade, leaving behind amazing results in such a quick time.

After four sessions

Magda's lips have returned to their natural form and colour.

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