Laser tattoo removal aftercare

Our aftercare programme is the world's most advanced

Looking after your tattoo

Follow our instructions for optimal results and smooth, healthy skin

Group 71

Medical grade dressings stay on for 72 hours to protect and hydrate the skin.

Group 12 Copy 2

Protect yourself with a sun-safe skincare routine and use a moisturising sunscreen with high SPF & UVA 4* or above protection when exposing your treatment area to direct sunlight.

Group 59

Keep the area cool (avoid intense exercise, steam rooms, saunas, even hot baths).

Group 10

Minimise the risk of irritation (avoid abrasive cleaning and exfoliating, as well as waxing, tweezing and threading).

Looking after yourself


Eat well


Stay hydrated


Get moving

Group 11

Avoid smoking, limit alcohol


Try not to stress

Have a question about aftercare?

  • What tattoo removal aftercare do you suggest?

    We design bespoke aftercare plans for each customer, including regular check-ins with your NAAMA™ Consultant, topical creams and gels to revive skin, gel-based wraps to hydrate and protect skin, and, for those interested, lymphatic massage to help stimulate your body’s immune response.

  • Do tattoo removal creams work?

    A tattoo artist injects ink into the dermis, which is protected by the outer layer of skin. In order for the cream to work, it needs to bleach or remove the top layer of skin by using harsh chemicals. These chemicals carry a risk of side effects such as burning, severe irritation, skin discolouration, and allergic reactions.

  • Can I get a new tattoo after removal?


    Because NAAMA™’s low-energy technology doesn’t damage skin, you can easily tattoo over a faded or fully removed tattoo in the future. And your tattoo artist will thank you! There’s nothing quite as challenging as having to tattoo over scarred or damaged skin, as can be the case when undergoing tattoo removal using high-energy tattoo removal devices.

    We also partner with leading tattoo artists who welcome the opportunity to cover-up tattoos. We’re happy to recommend an artist for your next piece if of interest.

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