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APRIL 5, 2022

Can a fresh tattoo be removed main image.
Can a fresh tattoo be removed main image.

The short answer is yes - a fresh tattoo can be removed.

Our experts recommend waiting until your tattoo has completely healed which can take around six to eight weeks after having the tattoo before you start your laser tattoo removal treatment. This will help avoid damage to your skin.

The longer answer, a fresh tattoo can be removed with the brand spanking new LightSense™ laser, available only at NAAMA studios. The choice of laser for tattoo removal is as important a decision as the very first one you made as to what tattoo design you wanted.

How long does it take to remove fresh tattoo ink from skin?

The time it takes to remove your fresh tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo, the colour of the ink, as well as your skin type. It is also important to choose the safest and most effective laser for your unique skin type.

Black ink tattoos are the easiest to remove, whilst older technologies have found coloured tattoos to be more difficult. The levelled-up LightSense™ laser, available just at NAAMA studios, is the only system in the world using a 800nm wavelength laser which is superior at removing coloured ink. Extra care also needs to be taken when it comes to darker skin, so that pigmentation doesn’t occur.

Where can you remove a fresh tattoo in London?

Visit NAAMA studios in Central London where experts specially trained on the LightSense™ laser will remove tattoos as new as six weeks old.

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Consultation discussing how new tattoos can be removed - NAAMA Studios
Consultation discussing how new tattoos can be removed - NAAMA Studios

Why would I have a fresh tattoo removed?

Just because you haven’t had your tattoo for very long doesn’t mean you need to stick with it. We wouldn't berate ourselves for returning a piece of clothing we decided we didn’t like, so there’s no reason to feel shame about wanting to remove a recent tattoo.

We believe that our chosen body art tells our story, which is why it’s incredibly important that you are happy with how it looks. At NAAMA we want to change the perception that a tattoo is for life and to take away the fear and regret often associated with tattoo removal. Instead we want to empower you to embrace your personal evolution and promote body positivity, no matter how old your ink is.

Image showing results after a fresh tattoo is completely removed.

More frequent treatments means quicker tattoo removal results and you can expect full removal in months not years.

Aftercare for a new tattoo being removed.

How to remove fresh tattoo ink from skin

The safest way to quickly remove a tattoo is with the latest laser treatments. Our revolutionary LightSense™ laser system is a unique and innovative option, using ultra-fast and physician-approved pulse speeds to quickly and safely break down ink pigments.

Quicker, gentler, and more precise than anything else on the market, this unparalleled technology has been used to remove fresh tattoos from countless clients.

One recent example involved tattoo enthusiast Carl, who didn’t like his Buddha-head chest tattoo and decided to have it removed after only a couple of months of visiting the tattoo artist. Talking about his experience at NAAMA, Carl said:

“It wasn’t the actual work of the tattoo, I just didn’t like it. The ink was also giving me adverse effects and a rash. I’ve had tattoos for more than twenty years, and so I’ve experienced the different types of laser removals out there, and each of them have been damaging and aggressive, particularly to black and brown skin. NAAMA studios is none of those things, it’s actually a dream. Five treatments and it’s gone, I’m still amazed.”

Read more client stories and testimonials or check out some before and after photos of our tattoo removal process.

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Skincare for when a fresh tattoo is removed.
Skincare for when a fresh tattoo is removed.

Talk to one of our experts to start your removal journey

Are new tattoos harder to remove?

Every tattoo is unique, and so is every removal journey. The time it takes to remove your fresh tattoo and the exact number of laser removal treatments you will need ultimately depends on many factors. Our expert and approachable consultants at NAAMA can have a conversation with you about all of this, and answer any other questions you might have.

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