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FEBRUARY 1, 2023

Can you completely remove a tattoo main image.
Can you completely remove a tattoo main image.

Complete tattoo removal - is it possible?

Can you completely remove a tattoo? The short answer is yes, but it depends on a few things including tattoo size, tattoo ink colour and where the tattoo is. However, it’s important to remember that a multitude of different factors go into successful tattoo removals, and not all tattoos can be completely removed.

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Image showing 100% tattoo removal.
Image showing 100% tattoo removal.

Is the tattoo removal process 100% effective?

The majority of tattoo removals will result in a complete removal, however not all tattoos are made equal, and there are a variety of factors that can affect the tattoo removal process. The success of the removal is dependent on the size, depth, position, and colour of the tattoo itself, as well as your skin type.

The result of the tattoo removal is also affected by the health of your body's immune system and whether or not you’re following an aftercare regime designed to help your skin heal.

When you get a tattoo the body's macrophages engulf the foreign ink pigment, holding on to it and thus keeping your tattoo in place. When the LightSense™ laser agitates the macrophages, they shatter and the ink is released. Your immune system is then able to flush out the ink over the following days after treatment.

When considering different tattoo removal procedures, using a laser is the quickest and safest option for your skin.

Can a tattoo be 100% removed?

It is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to this often asked question, but broadly speaking, yes a tattoo can be 100% removed so long as your immune system is working effectively and you follow our sun-safe aftercare guidelines.

As Dr Fiona Worsnop, a Harley Street and NHS Consultant Dermatologist, tells NAAMA, "if you already have UV damaged skin that is in a protective, reactive phase, then the immune system is a bit more distracted."

It is also important to note that many of our clients choose to fade a tattoo in preparation for a cover-up design, so they do not require full clearance. Laser tattoo removal can help you to get the most out of a cover-up.

Model with tattoos completely removed.

Our low-energy laser significantly reduces any chance of blistering, scarring or lasting damage, which means less downtime between treatments and fast tattoo removal results.

Lightsense laser technology used to completely remove tattoos.

If you have some unwanted ink and like the sound of having your tattoo removed via laser treatment, it's natural that you might have some questions.

Does laser tattoo removal leave scars?

Many of our clients have the same concern when they visit us, and that is "does tattoo removal leave scars?" The simple answer to that question is that it depends on the quality of the removal treatment and how well you look after your skin afterwards.

Tattoo removal very rarely leaves scarring when you opt for a reputable laser tattoo removal service and follow a careful aftercare regime that keeps the area hydrated, cool and calm.

According to the NHS, three in 100 people can develop a scar after tattoo removal, and there is a slight chance of some colours not completely fading. At the time of writing NAAMA Studios have not recorded a single incidence of scarring (as of September 2023).

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Aston's chest tattoo removal results - before & after photos
Aston's chest tattoo removal results - before & after photos

Is tattoo removal painful?

Our unique, skin-safe laser technology uses low-energy pulsating light to shatter the ink particles in the tattooed skin. Unlike most other laser removal treatments, our laser operates at a wavelength of 800nm, meaning it targets the ink in a more precise, less painful way.

This means the healing process is usually quicker, which reduces the amount of downtime needed between laser treatments and ultimately makes for a quicker, less painful tattoo removal method.

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