Is tattoo removal free on the NHS?

APRIL, 11, 2023

Most NHS patients are not eligible for free tattoo removal.

This is because the health service does not usually provide cosmetic surgery. For example, in the event that you no longer like your tattoo because it doesn’t fit who you are today, you would be unlikely to qualify for free tattoo removal. That saves you sitting in the waiting room and wondering. For straightforward laser tattoo removal pricing, we've got you.

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The LightSense™ laser 

Because the pulse width of the laser is 89 times shorter than the average Pico laser, the light touches the skin for a tiny amount of time, causing minimal pain and greatly reducing the chances of skin damage.

When tattoo removal is free on the NHS

There may be cases when a person’s health and well-being necessitate that they undergo some form of cosmetic surgery, though these are rare.

Think severe allergic reactions, and only then when all other options have been exhausted.

So the short answer is no, tattoo removal is not usually free on the NHS. And in the small number of cases when it is a yes, there will undoubtedly be many steps to take before you are able to get free-of-charge laser tattoo removal on the NHS.

But I want my removal now

We know how pressing and urgent the desire for clear skin can become. For laser tattoo removal in months and not years, the LightSense™ laser has you (un)covered.

The laser operates on ultra-low energy meaning that there is less downtime between treatments, so they can happen more often.

Inside NAAMA studios, or inside an NHS waiting room?

Why clients pay for expert removals in a studio setting

At NAAMA there is a clear and straightforward pricing structure that you can read about on our website.

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As the only location to offer the LightSense™ laser, on which our consultants are specially trained, clients choose to experience their treatments with this unique technology in a comfortable, urbane, Central London setting.

Don’t just take it from us, it makes sense when starting off on your laser tattoo removal journey to listen to the many satisfied clients who have come before you.

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