Quora questions about laser tattoo removal

APRIL 17, 2023

Top Quora tattoo removal questions

Tattoo removal questions come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the colossal, ‘what is there to know about laser tattoo removal?’ And the niche, ‘will a coloured tattoo be easier to remove if you put solid black all over it?’

What unites these queries is that they were all found on Quora, asked by people taking their first tentative steps into the world of tattoo removal.

Whatever you think of Quora, the site where people ask questions and get answers from an online crowd, it is a great place to discover the apprehensions, anxieties, and beliefs about a particular product or service.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a deep dive into the tattoo removal corner of Quora and, speaking to our team of experts, see what answers we could provide that might be interesting and useful.

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“I wondered how the skin can regenerate after two weeks. There's no way, I thought. But it manages to do it!” - Lydia

Five Quora questions about laser tattoo removal

What is there to know about laser tattoo removal?

We love this question for its ambition, scope, and all-out vastness. It speaks to us as people who work on laser tattoo removal every day of the week - we could talk your ear off about it.

The issue is that there is so much to know, from how the LightSense™ laser offers near pain-free removal, on a greatly reduced timescale in months not years, to exactly what we can achieve with coloured inks.

In fact, as scientists study skin in greater detail, new and unexpected things are emerging. One of our favourite studies, quoted by Monty Lyman in The Remarkable Life of the Skin, contended that midnight feasts might cause sunburn, because of the complex relationship between our skin’s response to UV light and the internal body clock.

What is there to know… clearly a lot more yet.

We’ll leave you to browse the above links at your own leisure and leave ears un-chewed.

Can tattoos be removed? And will I look normal again?

This is two questions in a single Quora post: the first of which is easy to answer. Yes, tattoos can be removed in a near-painless way with the LightSense™ laser.

As for the second question, it is true that we have not a single report of scarring with the LightSense™ laser and that if you abide by the advice on staying fit, healthy, and safe in the sun before and after your treatments, you have the best possible chance of removing your tattoo completely and safely.

It’s tempting to suppose that there’s a third query tucked in here - what is normal, exactly? If this Quora poster meant the same as before their treatments, then yes, the answer is that their skin should return to normal after treatment, especially if they follow our aftercare advice.

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We have not a single report of scarring with the LightSense™ laser

Will a coloured tattoo be easier to remove if you put solid black all over it, covering the tattoo for laser removal?

This might sound like quite an extreme thing to do. Blackout coverage, of the sort favoured by tattoo artist Kat Von D, certainly divides opinion.

Some love it, others see it rather differently.

As the experts on laser tattoo removal we’d like to interject just to say that this approach would not help the removal, in fact, adding more pigment would make the process take longer than if you left the colour tattoo alone.

Think of it a bit like cleaning ink out of a shirt. You don’t add more ink in the hope that it will be easier to remove (one exception comes to mind, for those who add white wine to a red wine stain). Returning to tattoo ink pigment though, covering the colour tattoo in black ink would make the removal more difficult.

What happens after the first laser tattoo removal?

First things first we offer a consultation, to point you in the right direction on your journey to clear skin, and make sure that we get to know each other before we begin.

Then we get to the first treatment stage.

When you visit NAAMA’s Central London studio, our photographer takes pictures of your tattoos at each treatment so that you are able to track your journey to clear skin.

NAAMA’s expert consultants will advise on which aftercare products to use, and ask that you keep the skin around the treatment area out of sunlight for at least a few days prior to your visit.

Our experts will provide comprehensive and clear guidance at every step of the journey.

Has anyone tried laser tattoo removal? If yes, how did it affect your skin or hair growth

This is perhaps the easiest question of all to answer because we needn’t even answer it ourselves.

Read our client stories to find out how they began and finished their journeys to clear skin with NAAMA.

And for the record, the laser works on ultra-low energy and so does absolutely minimal damage to the skin and hair.

  • “I wish I'd done it sooner. I feel so much happier now.” - Laura

  • “I wondered how the skin can regenerate after two weeks. There's no way, I thought. But it manages to do it!” - Lydia

  • “With NAAMA, it’s like little, short, sharp bursts of light that sting a little bit at first and then it’s done in minutes. There isn’t any blistering, raised skin or pigmentation issues. It’s just a bit raw for a day or two. You use the aftercare creams, then you go back to your normal life and come in two to three weeks later for another session. Over time, the ink breaks down and breaks down. It’s amazing how at first you see it going, then after a while it’s gone—almost like magic.” - Jack

  • “The results have been amazing.” - Elisa