Supercharge your removal with skincare

AUGUST 5, 2022

Following a simple aftercare routine post-tattoo clearing can help your skin achieve faster results.

Did you know that you can get better results, faster by using aftercare religiously after your treatments? It’s true. Following a treatment protocol designed to increase circulation, boost hydration and boost your lymphatic system are all ways to see more effective tattoo removal results.

Do aftercare creams really work though?

Yes—they do. If you think of your skin like soil, the more the land is well irrigated, nourished and looked after the better the crop will grow. The same goes for your skin. One of the benefits of NAAMA’s innovative tattoo clearing is its LightSense™ laser. It’s the only laser in the world designed to be gentler on the skin thanks to its low energy design and quick pulse technology. Because the laser breaks down the ink pigment in tattoos without harming the skin’s natural barriers, we’re already off to a head start when it comes to aftercare because the skin will need a fraction of the time to heal.

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Next up is applying aftercare cream. Our NAAMA aftercare range is the perfect addition to any tattoo clearing journey with two naturally formulated creams designed with your body in mind. It pairs perfectly with a high SPF, which you’ll also need post treatment.

What’s inside?

We’re glad you asked. Both our aftercare creams are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin and combat itchiness, dryness and redness. We formulated them specially with Swiss Mountain Organics to create top-of-the-line products for even the most sensitive of skins. They’re natural, vegan, fragrance-free and filled with:

  • Vitamin E - To prevent scars, promot cell function and support the immune system

  • Japanese cedar bud - To renew the layers of the skin

  • Milk thistle oil⁠ - An antioxidant that builds a strong barrier around the skin

  • Niotica - A rare grade of shea butter for the ultimate moisture

  • Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin - To activate blood flow and improves circulation

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The Aftercare Cream

​​A cream formulated specifically for post-treatment with a healthy dose of hydration to protect against external factors (hello, pollution). It also stimulates blood flow and encourages the body to clear your ink outside your treatments.

Directions: Apply directly to the treated area 2x a day for 2 weeks. Leave to set to create a protective barrier on the skin.
Directions: Apply directly to the treated area 2x a day for 2 weeks. Leave to set to create a protective barrier on the skin.

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The Regeneration Cream

Keep up with your aftercare using the Regeneration Cream, designed to be used well after your tattoo clearing sessions are complete. Directions: Apply liberally day and night on the face and/or the body.

Interested? Pick them up together here.
Interested? Pick them up together here.

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What else should I do?

Aftercare creams are a good first step, but here’s a few other things you can do in tandem to supercharge your removal:

  • After your treatment, keep the dressing on for a minimum of 48 - 72 hours. Even if it’s tempting to peel it off, fight the urge!

  • Avoid direct water pressure if possible when showering for 48-72 hours. This is to avoid ripping the dressing.

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  • Practise sun-safe skincare by keeping the area covered for a week after treatment. Then regularly apply sunscreen with high SPF and UVA 4*+ rating throughout your removal journey, between your treatments and for a month after.

  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the direct and surrounding area. The aftercare creams will help soothe any redness and itching.

  • Try a lymphatic massage to help the body continue to clear pigment from the skin. It’s also super relaxing and great for feeling some calming vibes. Book in for one or try one at home using the guide below.

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