The most effective pico laser for tattoo removal

OCTOBER, 26, 2023

Lightsense™ laser tattoo removal technology in our London studio
Lightsense™ laser tattoo removal technology in our London studio

The LightSense™ laser system is the most advanced pico laser on the market. It is FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and backed by rigorous clinical studies. 

It is the only laser we use to treat tattoos at NAAMA and we’re calling it the most effective tool in our arsenal.  

When low energy means better efficacy

Low energy means shorter downtime between sessions (clients are able to treat tattoos as often as every 2-3 weeks) and so faster results, with greatly reduced chances of skin damage. 

On average it takes clients 8-12 sessions to completely remove a tattoo, with results usually becoming clear after the third session. 

Low energy is, perhaps counterintuitively, better if you want fast, safe, striking, and effective laser tattoo removal results. 

On average we say that every session roughly 10% of the unwanted tattoo ink should clear from the dermis.

What is a pico laser?

A pico laser removes tattoos with a pulse width measured in picoseconds. Pico refers specifically to the duration of the laser's pulse. That is, how long the pulse or flash of light is on for.

A picosecond is a measurement of time. It is one trillionth of a second.

Its slower relative, the nanosecond, is one thousand-millionth of a second.

Compared to the average pico laser: 

  • LightSense™ uses 34X less energy. This means that laser tattoo removal treatments are gentle and skin-kind. The laser is able to operate on such low energy by making the most of the concept of fluence.

  • LightSense™ has a 92x shorter pulse width. The pulse of light is on for just eight picoseconds, limiting skin damage and reducing pain.

  • LightSense™ has a 100x faster repetition rate. The maximum repetition rate of 1000Hz - that’s how many times a second the laser can fire - means it clears unwanted ink from the skin at an astonishing pace.

  • LightSense™ has an 11x more precise spot size. At a miniscule 0.4mm, it is smaller than the nib of a pen and supremely accurate.

Nanosecond lasers for tattoo removal have slower pulse widths and so the pulse of light touches the skin for longer than with LightSense™.

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Other tattoo removers "are still holding on to the materials and equipment that they’ve had for like ten years… I’m picky, I’ve done my homework.”

Bilal tattoo removal before and after
Bilal tattoo removal before and after

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“It’s gone. I’m still amazed. The tattooist that I went to was amazed.” - Carl

Carl’s fading for cover-ups
Carl’s fading for cover-ups

Laser tattoo removal FAQs

The LightSense™ laser system is a type of pico laser. It has an extremely short pulse width of eight picoseconds, 89x shorter when compared to the average pico laser.

Before picosecond lasers, tattoo removal was attempted using lasers with pulse widths measured in nanoseconds. This longer pulse of light can potentially cause skin damage and pain. We are happy to point to studies that examine the multiple benefits of using picosecond lasers over nanosecond lasers.

The LightSense™ laser puts skin safety at the forefront of the tattoo removal process. The initial research that underpins the laser system, undertaken at Princeton University, identified the need for a skin-safe and pain-free laser tattoo removal technology.