10 things to consider when choosing a tattoo removal clinic

APRIL, 14, 2023

Choosing the right tattoo removal clinic can be a lot harder than quickly searching “tattoo removal near me.” Laser tattoo removal is not only an investment, but something that should be approached with caution. After all, you don’t just want your skin to be clear by the end of treatment - but healthy, too.

Technological advancements and innovation means unwanted tattoos can be more efficiently, effectively and safely removed. However, factors such as the tattoo size, placement, and ink itself still play a huge role in determining the speed of removal and how quickly you can expect to see desired results.

So what should you be looking for when choosing a laser tattoo removal clinic? We explain all below.

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What laser system do they use?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to become a laser expert! However, taking a look into the technology a clinic is using will serve you well.

Is their laser system up-to-date? Steer clear of clinics using outdated technology. Those with state-of-the-art systems are demonstrating they’re investing in themselves and want to offer their clients the latest in tattoo removal. They’re also more likely to be ahead of the curve when it comes to skin-safety.

Take our LightSense™ laser system. Renowned physicists and skin experts dedicated years into its development and it’s now the most advanced laser system in the world. Older laser technologies involve blasting high levels of energy towards the skin. When this is absorbed by the ink, it heats up and expands, risking blisters and burns. By utilising low-energy pulses, the LightSense™ laser is pioneering skin-safe tattoo removal, minimising the risk of skin damage, reducing discomfort, and innovating the industry.

Check out their safety certifications and expertise

As well as getting to know their laser technology, you also want to check the clinic’s safety certifications, who their experts are, and what their evidence is saying.

For example, our LightSense™ system is FDA-cleared, CE-certified, and backed by clinical studies. We have a consultant dermatologist available and hold ourselves to an extremely high standard when it comes to skin-safety and client happiness. If a clinic isn’t applying similar standards to themselves, that should be a warning sign.

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What does a session look like?

Before treatment officially begins, a reputable clinic will ask for a medical history and tattoo-specific questions, such as what style was used to do the tattoo and if you are aware of any white ink. These all impact your bespoke treatment plan.

Your consultant should analyse your skin at every appointment to check your skin health, see how your removal is progressing, and to make any necessary adjustments to the laser settings.

During the session itself, the clinic should apply a form of cooling method to minimise heat on the skin. Otherwise, you’re at an increased risk of burns and blisters. Ideally, you should look for an active cooling method rather than passive. At NAAMA, we actively chill the skin before, during and after laser treatment by using a Zimmer cryo machine.

Who is performing your treatment?

Your consultant is in charge of your treatment, so it’s important you feel confident in them. Each laser system operates differently and your consultant should be specifically trained in the technology they’re using.

NAAMA consultants are required to have a Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy and to also hold a Core of Knowledge certification, the official training for Laser and IPL safety in the medical and aesthetics industry. We also conduct 1-2 weeks in-house training (length depending on experience) on our LightSense™ laser system.

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Are they making false promises?

We’re all looking forward to the day when tattoos can be fully cleared in a single session - but we’re not there yet. If you see a clinic promising full removal in a set number of sessions, chances are it’s not true. While estimates and averages can be given, it’s impossible to know how your body and the ink will respond until you’re in treatment.

Clinics should manage your expectations by giving a realistic plan and timescale. Even then, be prepared for it to take less or more time depending on how your body reacts.

What are their aftercare recommendations?

Clinics have a duty to their clients’ skin-health in and out of the treatment room. Prior to treatment, you should be explicitly told about any and all risks that come with laser removal, and you should feel safe to ask for further information.

When choosing a tattoo removal clinic, see what aftercare advice is available and if you are able to reach out between treatment sessions should you have any questions or concerns.

At NAAMA, we take this part seriously. We’ve even developed our own expertly formulated aftercare creams!

All clients receive a medical dressing post-treatment as well as plenty of aftercare guidance to follow. This is important both for their skin’s recovery and to optimise their results. Our aftercare advice is available online, so clients can easily refer back; we have a consultant dermatologist on hand; and are available seven days a week.

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Do they specialise in tattoo removal?

It’s a really good bonus if the clinic specialises in laser tattoo removal. A company dedicated to removing tattoos is committed to being the best in their field and will likely have specifically designed laser equipment, more up-to-date technology, and consultants who devote all their working time and expertise to removing tattoos.

Is the cost clear?

While the final cost can’t be guaranteed (as this depends on your session count), your clinic should still be able to tell you how much each session will cost individually - with no hidden surprises. Laser tattoo removal should not be cheap; advanced technology and expertise comes with a price. But this is a time when investing is absolutely necessary. We offer a number of prepaid packages for better value, as well as 0% finance options to make skin-kind tattoo removal accessible for everyone.

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What do their clients say?

There’s no better sign of a good clinic than great results and glowing testimonials. A clinic that’s confident in their technology should have easily accessible before-and-after photos on their website or social media.

Don’t forget to check out external review platforms too, such as Trustpilot, for unfiltered client feedback.

And finally, how do you feel?

Tattoo removal can be a highly personal choice and you should therefore feel comfortable and secure during all communications with the clinic. Ask yourself if you feel respected and listened to.

We believe in the importance of creating a space that clients find relaxing and reassuring. That’s why we’ve spent time making sure our studio is a state-of-the-art space that reflects our standards throughout.

Laser tattoo removal is a process, so you want to know you’ll enjoy your visits to the clinic.

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