JULY 8, 2022

Top 10 most removed tattoos

Did you know that 50% of people no longer like the original design of their tattoo? We’re counting down the top 10 tattoos removed at NAAMA.

We see a lot of tattoos come through the door at NAAMA, from quotes to dolphins and everything in between. We speak intimately with our clients on a daily basis to understand their removal goals and reasons that bring them to our studio for tattoo clearing.

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Our data shows that the reasons people want to remove their tattoos come down to four main categories, the first being 50% of people no longer like the original design, followed by 25% of people saying their tattoo no longer reflects who they are. In a near tie for 3rd and 4th place is 13% of people say their tattoo reminds them of something they’d rather forget and 12% cite other triggering and/or personal reasons leading them to want removal.

So what are the most common tattoos we remove at NAAMA? You asked, we listened. Here’s our top 10:

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1. Tribal

We get quite a few tribal tattoos that were done between the early 90s-00s - a real trendy staple of that time. They’re often a bigger design that clients feel they’re ready to move on from.

2. Stars

Another early 2000s trend, stars are a popular one we see. Sometimes done as a singular design, or in a cluster on areas like the neck, behind the ear or lower back.

3. Lower back tattoos

All the rage once upon a time, lower back tattoos were a go-to for celebrities like Pamela Anderson. We often see this paired with a tribal, barbed wire design or quote.

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4. Flowers

Flowers are often a design chosen for their symbolism, whether that be growth, rebirth, a homeland, marriage or even the arrival of a baby. Frequently we see them becoming painful reminders for people who have moved on.

5. Mermaids

Perhaps a surprising one, this nautical tattoo design is one we’ve had several requests to remove - whether that’s due to design flaws or people no longer liking how it looks.

6. Names of ex-anything’s

Lovers, friends… you name it, we’ve removed it.


Quotes tend to be a very personal and specific choice. They’re easy enough to outgrow, depending on what stage in life someone gets one inked or what they say.

8. Geometric shapes

This style of tattoo can be quite harsh because it’s often done with thick line work or even solid shapes on more delicate areas of the body, like wrists. A lot of the time clients want them removed for being too visible or too random of a design choice.

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9. Butterflies

Another popular 90s-00s trend that’s coming back, butterflies are a popular tattoo pick. Reasons for removal can range from impulse decision to sloppy line work.

10. Symbols

From Roman numbers and Chinese characters to icons, logos and pictograms - we see it all. Symbols are often markers of more meaningful moments or memories that sometimes no longer stand for what they used to.

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