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APRIL, 5, 2022

Tattoos have never been more popular.

More and more of us are getting intrigued and inspired by body art, so it wasn’t surprising that in 2015, a study revealed that around a fifth of all adults in the UK have a tattoo. Like all forms of creative expression, tattoos are subject to different trends, with popular tattoo styles in the past including white ink, geometric shapes, and dot work. The positioning of the tattoo itself has also changed with sternum, hand, finger, and neck tattoos gaining popularity in recent years. So, as self-proclaimed ink enthusiasts, we’ve compiled a list of our predictions for the most common tattoo trends of 2022.

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1. Red ink

Famous figures, such as musician Machine Gun Kelly and actress Sophie Turner, have recently been inked with fine-line red tattoos, making this statement style popular with the masses. Often drawn as a simplistic silhouette or single line with no shading, these trending tattoos are a great way to make certain areas of your body stand out, or to add something interesting to an existing piece.

2. Fine line tattoos

At NAAMA, we’re constantly impressed and amazed by the ability of tattoo artists to get a high level of detail into a small area. These subtle and simple fine line tattoos are incredibly decorative and dainty, which is a good option for people getting their first tattoo, or those looking to fill a smaller space. Popular forms of fine line tattoos include things like names, words, and botanical sketches along with miniscule portraits of loved ones and famous people.

As tattoos are growing in popularity, more people are looking to cover up older tattoos.

3. 90s + noughties revival

We’re predicting that the Matrix and low-rise jeans won’t be the only 90s icons making a comeback in 2022. We’ve recently been admiring a resurgence of early Y2K-style tattoos, with styles like butterflies and lower back designs becoming popular once more. Once labelled the ‘tramp stamp’ and ‘bumper sticker,’ lower back tattoos are now seen as a fierce, fashionable form of liberation.

4. Modern tribal art

Originally popularised by the Blade film trilogy and countless boy bands, we’re seeing a return of the tribal tattoo, but with more sophisticated lines and abstract edginess. Sitting somewhere between strikes of lightning and thorny stems, this new era of tribal tattoo trends looks to be an exciting, artistic one.

5. Tattoo freckles

Subtle and stunning, faux freckle tattoos are a beautiful way for people to enhance their self confidence and love their look. In the same sense, many people come to us here at NAAMA to eliminate their natural freckles with pigmentation removals. Whether adding to or clearing their skin, we love that people feel empowered to create their own image.

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Expressing your identity has never been easier

Tattoos have previously been thought of as a huge decision that stays with you for life. However, thanks to our revolutionary LightSense laser tattoo removal technology, your tattoos can move with the trends and your own personal preferences. Whether your body art feels outdated or uninspiring, we’ve worked with countless clients who leave us feeling confident, comfortable and well-cared for.