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Aston's chest tattoo removal results - before & after photos
Aston's chest tattoo removal results - before & after photos

You’ve done weeks of research into the best laser for tattoo removal. You’ve read reviews, watched YouTube videos, and listened carefully to your friends’ sage advice. 

The time has come to experience your first tattoo removal session at NAAMA, after which you’ll walk triumphantly out the front door onto Great Portland Street with clear skin and an irrepressible grin. 

Hate to burst that bubble but tattoo removal works sorta kinda like this, but not really at all. Tattoo removal is a process that takes place within the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. After the LightSense™ laser breaks apart the tattoo ink pigment, the rest of the removal is down to the body’s natural immune system flushing out the unwanted ink. 

On average tattoo removal takes 8-12 sessions with approximately 10% of the tattoo clearing each time. There are a number of factors which impact how long it takes, from the size and colour of the tattoo, its location on the body, to the health of your lymphatic system. 

But not all removals are like this. 

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Lightsense™ laser tattoo removal technology in our London studio
Lightsense™ laser tattoo removal technology in our London studio

Tattoo removal gone wrong? 

This is not, thankfully, tattoo removal gone wrong. 

Every tattoo is unique and while we have had clients with instant removal results, others have embraced the process with NAAMA. LightSense™ is one-of-a-kind in that it offers sessions as often as every 2-3 weeks. Using super-low energy means there is no damage to the skin and clients can return more often than with traditional lasers. 

But for some, the clearing that’s going on inside the dermis isn’t visible at surface level. It might look like nothing is happening, but we assure you the work is being done inside the dermis. 

Sometimes this will all become clear suddenly, as if over night. We take detailed dermatoscope images at every session, essentially getting a zoomed-in look at your skin. These images help us to monitor the progress of the removal over time. 

If you have the best tech and make the most out of NAAMA Plus - our curated range that aims to supercharge removals - you will stand the best chance of fast tattoo removal results. 

But to reiterate, tattoo removal is a process and it works differently for each tattoo.

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NAAMA's consultants use a dermatoscope to get a close-up picture of the ink clearing, leaving behind healthy skin.

Talk to one of our experts to start your removal journey

Can a tattoo be fully removed?

A tattoo can be 100% removed so long as the lymphatic system is working well and sun-safe aftercare guidelines are adhered to.

As Dr Fiona Worsnop, a Harley Street and NHS Consultant Dermatologist, told NAAMA, "if you already have UV damaged skin that is in a protective, reactive phase, then the immune system is a bit more distracted."

Many of NAAMA’s clients choose merely to fade a tattoo in preparation for a cover-up design. For this they do not require full tattoo clearance. Read more about how laser tattoo removal can help you to get the most out of a cover-up.

But if you want a full removal our rough guide is to aim for the 8-12 session mark. Discuss your tattoo and its unique qualities with one of our consultants for a personalised plan of action. 

Is tattoo removal painful if you use a low-energy laser? 

Tattoo removal is less painful if you use a low-energy laser simply because less heat and light energy is being applied to the skin. 

Rather than taking longer to remove a tattoo, because the downtime between sessions when the skin needs to heal is shorter, NAAMA can offer much quicker tattoo removal in months, not years. 

It might sound counterintuitive at first, but lower energy is therefore better for tattoo removal.

What to do if your tattoo removal isn’t going how you’d hoped it would

People have different expectations for how tattoo removal will go. 

There may be a sense of urgency if the tattoo is disrupting a person’s life, or causing suffering in some way. Others might not be that bothered how long it takes, so long as it disappears completely.

If you have any concerns about how your tattoo is fading, the best person to speak to is your consultant. Take a look at the dermatoscope images and get a clearer understanding of how the removal will proceed.

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