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We treat permanent and semi-permanent makeup
  • Skinsafe

    Our laser are gentle on the skin, causing no lasting damage to the face

  • Rapid removal

    We fade ink. Fast. Less energy reduces any chance of damage which allows for more frequent treatments.

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    Treat all skin types

    Our advanced laser means that we can treat all skin types and colours.

Proven results

We understand how important it is to our customers that there is no damage to their skin, especially on sensitive areas such as the face. The precision of our laser means we can treat intricate tattoos with extreme care and exact direction.

“Since starting treatment with NAAMA my confidence has drastically improved. My micro blading has faded at a fast and unexpected rate. I could not be any happier with the results.”

- Aminata


We welcome and are able to treat all skin types at NAAMA.

We are interested in the skin tone in the tattoo area as there are some restrictions on the combination of the tattoo ink colour and skin tone.

In the chart below you can check that we can treat the combination of your tattoo area, skin type and tattoo colour.

Because NAAMA™’s technology uses such little energy, skin isn’t damaged.

Many NAAMA™ customers are able to return for treatment as regularly as every week, unique to NAAMA™.

Others may need a bit longer between treatments - though rarely longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

There are thousands of tattoo inks in circulation today. Many are produced by qualified ink manufacturers that reputable tattoo artists and studios will use as-is or mix to expand their colour palette, where others might be homemade - such as melting plastics or pen ink to create a tattoo.

Unfortunately, unless you know the specific ink used in your tattoo, it can be something of a mystery. Most inks respond well to laser treatment, namely those that are produced by qualified manufacturers and used as intended; however, should your tattoo contain a resistant chemical - for example, a harsh plastic or undiluted acrylic - it may take a lot longer to respond to treatment. In severe cases, some inks may not respond to laser removal at all.
Inks that don’t respond to tattoo removal are often referred to as “stubborn” and, because of the specific composition of the ink, can take a very long time to remove. Be sure to tell your NAAMA™ Consultant as much as you can about the tattoo artist or studio, or ink related to your tattoo.

Pain really varies from person to person - what one person finds mildly unpleasant, another will find unbearably painful. Our laser is much more gentle on the skin than older technologies meaning that many of our customers say that it is less painful, and hurts less than getting a tattoo. Our unique technology used less energy, meaning less pain.

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