How long will it take?

Find out how your genes, lifestyle and tattoo’s properties influence the removal timeline

Factors impacting tattoo removal

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The properties of your ink really impact laser tattoo removal. Colour, density and depth, age and quality all play a big part.

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Tattoo location

Where the tattoo is influences how quickly it fades. The closer to the heart, the more quickly it will remove.

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Skin tone and texture can affect fade time. Skin which is scarred or has had lots of sun exposure tends to slow the removal process.

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Genetics & lifestyle

How efficiently your immune system is working really influences how quickly the ink will go. (It's the body's system for clearing away waste). Your general health is key.

You can help the removal process

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From medical grade dressings which protect and hydrate, to complimentary creams and personalised round-the-clock advice, aftercare at NAAMA™ is industry-leading. Follow instructions diligently; optimise your results.

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Avoid the sun

Keeping your treated area out of direct sunlight throughout the removal process is totally integral. Maximise your results, and protect your skin from any lasting effects.

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Prioritise health

Make sure your immune system is working optimally (that way it will clear toxins - that's your ink - fast). Stay hydrated, get moving, avoid alcohol and smoking, eat well - and try not to stress!

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