How long will it take?

Find out how our laser, your lifestyle and tattoos properties influence your removal timeline

Factors impacting tattoo removal

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The properties of your ink really impact laser tattoo removal. Colour, density and depth, age and quality all play a big part.

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Tattoo location

The location of your tattoo on your body influences how quickly it fades. Tattoos that are closer to your heart tend to remove faster.

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Skin tone, texture and age can affect fade time. Skin which is scarred or has had lots of sun exposure tends to slow the removal process.

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Health & lifestyle

How efficiently your immune system is working really influences how quickly the ink will go. (It's the body's system for clearing away waste). Your general health is key.


How ink fades throughout the process

The examples below are current customer images and have been captured over 5 months.
These high magnification shots allow us to see beyond the surface, and closely monitor tattoo removal progress.

Phase 1

Action happens below the skin, with large ink particles being broken down.

To the naked eye, the tattoo remains the same.

Phase 2

The tattoo begins to blur and become fuzzy around the edges.

Thinner areas fade, dense areas (for now) remain intact.

Phase 3

The tattoo loses its form; dense areas are visible but light areas fade fast.

Coloured inks and lighter blacks remove entirely.

Colour change may occur (this is a usually a great sign).

Phase 4

The tattoo continues getting lighter, with more and more skin showing through.

Cover ups and very dense blacks take some time (the body is processing vast amounts of ink).

The ink removes completely, leaving skin smooth and clear.

Is NAAMA™ right for me?

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You can help the removal process

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From medical grade dressings which protect and hydrate, to complimentary creams and personalised round-the-clock advice, aftercare at NAAMA™ is industry-leading. Follow instructions diligently; optimise your results.

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Protect your skin when in the sun

Unlike other laser tattoo removal systems that can burn and damage the skin, with NAAMA's unique technology, there is no need to alter your lifestyle or avoid sunlight whilst undergoing treatment. Simply, protect your skin with a sun-safe skincare routine and use a moisturising sunscreen with high SPF when exposing your treatment area to direct sunlight within two weeks of your treatment. 

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Prioritise health

Make sure your immune system is working optimally (that way it will clear toxins - that's your ink - fast). Stay hydrated, get moving, avoid alcohol and smoking, eat well - and try not to stress!

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